At the Center Grabar showed the rarest sewing

Faces, faces, the once darkened is now enlightened, and once again, the exposition “old Russian sewing of the front” exhibition opens this difficult year in the Center of them. Grabar. Before banners, cloth, and boards appeared in the exhibition hall, they have been working hard in the workshop of restoration of fabrics.

The Air “Behold The Lamb.” 1562-1563. Kazan, workshop Duchess Tatiana Andreevna Temkina Rostov. The contribution of Prince Y. I. Temkin-Rostov in the ascension monastery Nizhny Novgorod. Vyatka art Museum named after V. M. and A. M. Vasnetsov. Restoration: A. G. Lobanova, 2017.
Photo courtesy of the press service of the Centre. Grabar.

This year the Center of academician and art historian Igor Grabar celebrates 100 years. Despite internal trouble with the new leadership, workshops and an exhibition hall continue to work, and at the end of January, the Centre has presented to the Moscow creation of one of the oldest of its offices. Initially conceived as the restoration of tissues appeared at the Trinity-Sergius Lavra in 1919, later it began to be engaged not only the Church fabric banners, weekend suits, scarves, tapestries, fans, and the doll was given a new life. But this year, the workshop returned to its “historical” purpose and submitted collected in 11 regions of the monuments of old Russian pictorial embroidery.

Golden and silver silk threads repeat ancient themes — they seem to smell of incense, dust, candle wax. Colors on the icons under which these fabrics are usually hung or spread out, Golden, purple, blue. From the time they are erased, but the master of restoration reviving them. There are no high light, like in churches and cathedrals, where these covers played a symbolic role, in spite of princes and bishops, bloodshed and fire, the brutality of the guardsmen…

The Byzantine traits and images that are used to seeing the icons on the tissues acquire a more human shape: the objects of worship and ritual life at the same time. Familiar figures of the virgin, of St. Sergius of Radonezh, Christ child… The technique of embroidery gives them character “of the created” warm human hands. Realize that the fabric under the exhibition glass was long regarded in the microscope, revealing the defects and holes left by time and fire. Then painstakingly at the tiny loops and stitches restore blackened faces, and they begin to play with new colors.

In the exposition Center — 27 items, which date from the second half of the XV — XVII century. With gold and silver liturgical fabric and covers were not cheap — they were created in the workshops of kings and princes, and later donated to the vestries of the monasteries and cathedrals. For example, the cover of “St. Leontius of Rostov” was transferred to the assumption Cathedral in Rostov Veliky from the workshop of Princess Vereiskaya-Belozerskaya, the air “Behold the lamb” the gift of the ascension monastery of Nizhny Novgorod presented the Prince-Governor Temkin-Rostov. And if these examples were not created in the capital, a veil “the Konevskaya mother of God with selected saints” woven close to the Kremlin circle the Moscow masters, and, apparently, it was transferred to the Trinity-Sergiev monastery, the wife of Boris Godunov.

The cover, shroud and banners should be viewed not only as an expensive and precious jewelry, but also as outstanding symbols of Church life. Some of them were damaged by fire, and Vologda veil, “Sophia, wisdom of God,” which was found during excavations only in the XX century, was stolen by the henchmen like the cover of “St. Lawrence Rostov”, which was stolen from the princely tomb of Marina Mnishek.

This collection was brought to Moscow in parts of 11 regions: Sergiev Posad, Vologda, Vladimir, St Petersburg, Vyatka, Rostov, Kirov, Pereyaslavl-Zalessky, Smolensk, and Nizhny Novgorod. The exhibition can be seen until March 23.

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