“Bricks were flying cars”: eyewitness to the explosion of gas in the “Butovo Park”

Explosion of gas occurred in the suburban residential complex “Butovo Park” at the intersection of Warsaw highway and Rastorgueva about 16.00 on 5 February. On the 20th floor of the house №15 builders carried out the repair work in one of the apartments, when suddenly the cotton, and part of the wall of the house fell down.

Photo: Ministry of emergency situations in Moscow region.

At the time of signing the numbers in print was known about the four victims. Two of them in serious condition in the regional burn center and other health care workers were hospitalized with minor injuries.

– Previously it is established that the workers carried out repairs in the new apartment, using a gas cylinder, – says senior assistant Manager GUS RF IC for the Moscow region Olga Brady. In the course of the manufacturing operations of the cotton, the specified tank. Currently, the complex of verification activities aimed at establishing all the causes and circumstances of the incident. Two men diagnosed with “light burns”, to two “burns on 90% of the body.”

As told “MK” eyewitnesses of incident, pieces of brick, balcony and personal belongings of the landlord, fell on parked near the entrance of the machine and a children’s Playground in the yard. Fortunately, at this point she didn’t have kids. People assume that the explosion occurred in the works for the installation of suspended ceilings or regulated batteries.

– I left from the clinic and heard a very powerful sound, turned and saw a huge cloud of fire – said local resident Sergei. First steaming of the Windows could be heard the groans that 5-7 minutes have passed, I’m afraid there were casualties. Our homes not supplied with gas, so, most likely, are the builders. Next there were witnesses and they scored 112 immediately, but the first firefighters arrived only about 15 minutes, as could not drive because of the parked cars.

Also, the witnesses noted that the house was more than a year ago and at the moment the whole inhabited. Emergency officials evacuated 50 people, as on the walls from the explosion went crack. People on Monday evening was waiting for the decision about the possibility of returning to the house in buses. Perhaps they can no longer get into their home, if the house is found in an emergency. Then they will temporarily place in a local rest home.

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