Cause harsh detention in the government of Dagestan elections

In Dagestan, on 5 February, the FSB arrested four senior officials, including acting Prime Minister Abdusamad Hamidov and his two deputies — Shamil Isaev and Rudin Yusufov. Also detained former education Minister Shahabaz Shakhov, who was dismissed in December after he had conducted the searches.

Golden gun found during the search. A frame from the video IC.

In the homes of the head of the government of Dagestan and the Deputy Prime Ministers of the Republic on Monday raided. Law enforcement officers raided even in the ancestral home in the village Hamidovich Mekegi. The search took place in the office of the acting Prime Minister. Hamidov first tried to threaten the security forces: “You do not understand, to whom came”, — he said operatives. But then obeyed. The arrested officials already sent by plane to Moscow. According to some, they can press charges of organizing a criminal community.

Meanwhile, Russia’s Investigative Committee has published a video of the arrest of Dagestani officials. The footage you can admire the luxurious mansion of one of the detainees. It also captured several guns seized, including gold owned by Hamidou.

Earlier it was reported that the investigation in Moscow was delivered to seven high-ranking Republican officials: in addition Hamidov and his deputies these were the heads of some districts of Dagestan. Apparently, according to him, the decision is still pending. The operation involved several dozen investigators of the Central apparatus of the FSB and the interior Ministry and the investigators of the TFR. The detention took place in the framework of large-scale anti-corruption campaign initiated by the acting head of the Republic Vladimir Vasiliev.

Recall that Vasilev was replaced by Ramazan Abdulatipov as head of Dagestan with the prefix “acting” in October last year. In January it was invited to Dagestan from Moscow has arrived the special Commission from representatives of the Prosecutor’s office, interior Ministry and the FSB, headed by Deputy Prosecutor General Ivan Sydoruk.

January 21 on charges of land fraud was arrested the mayor of Makhachkala, Musa Musayev. Now he is in jail in Vladikavkaz. February 1, were searched in the administration of the Tabasaran district of Dagestan. February 2 on charges of abuse of power were arrested to 10 days by the chief architect of Makhachkala Magomedrasul Gitinov.

What is happening in the Republic? “MK” has addressed for comments to the political scientist, the expert on Dagestan Galina Khizrieva.

– I think that this intensification of the fight against corruption linked to the upcoming presidential election. It became clear that the elections in Dagestan can occur only if the government wakes up and stop corruption and lawlessness in the country. Therefore, quite timely was the replacement of abdulatipova Vassiliev.

Vasiliev had to give the old team a chance to work some time, especially because these people asked Abdulatipov. After working with them, Vasiliev, I think, was able to appreciate them and realized that the Dagestani society “requires landings”. In Dagestan there is a public consensus that certain officials a long time ago it’s time to plant. If this requirement is not meet, no election will be. I mean that they will not be the result that would like to have a new head of the Republic and that he was targeted by the Federal center. That’s the whole affair.

Of course, corruption in the Republic was strong. At the time of appointment Vasiliev, the situation was already very heated. All local forces have been United in one thing: the election result, which calculates the Federal center, if this unprecedented corruption, blatant, open, will not be terminated. Therefore, Vasiliev has no choice: he must take decisive action to show people that “Russia in Dagestan has come.”

I think, the defendants in the events of today for his work deserved what is happening to them. I like a person who cares for his native Republic, there is no doubt that all these steps have long needed to take. But if this dynamic cleansing power of incompetent officials who only know how to cut the budget will continue after the elections, will be even better.

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