Drank with my neighbor’s wife: it turned out the cause of the shooting, arranged by the Metropolitan police

To the tragedy caused the leave and the abuse of alcohol 38-the summer employee of Department on security of major international and mass sports actions of the Ministry of internal Affairs: on Friday an officer of the law, quarreled with the neighbor, drinking buddy, shot to the opponent in the head. Man in serious condition in the hospital.

As it became known “MK”, employee of the Central apparatus of the Ministry of internal Affairs of January was the official holiday, which he spent at home on Biruliovsky street, where a 35-year-old wife and two sons (12 and 6 years). Later police admitted that boredom left in the bout, which his wife accepted without understanding and temporarily moved out of the house with the kids. In drinking buddies, the police officer chose 43-year-old neighbor, by profession a Builder — a man lives with his wife and two children on the floor below (wife — lovers take on the breast).

For several days the men were moved from one apartment to another and having a good time. And 2 Feb neighbor had to drive off to work, then a visit to the police came the wife of a drinking buddy. According to neighbors, the woman absolutely can not drink, as when she goes into booze, abandon the children at home unattended.

In the evening, the neighbor made a claim the law enforcement officer why he’d been drinking all day with his wife. Around 22.00 the men went out into the stairwell of the seventh floor to find out the relationship. A police officer later explained that she just wanted to scare the neighbor who interjected. Whatever it was, from his traumatic gun shot the guard in the temple area neighbor, after which he fell down the stairs, flying polpolya and hit his head.

In serious condition the man was hospitalized, he is between life and death. In relation to police initiated a criminal case under article “Deliberate causing of heavy harm to health”.

In the bodies of internal Affairs the employee is working since 2003, and began service in the private security of the southern district. Scheduled service check, the results of which will decide the question of dismissal of a police officer.

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