Eyes climbed on a forehead: the Director of the orphanage about the guardians of the murdered boy

The Muscovite, who is suspected that to death killed young boys, and her husband only twice seen kids in the orphanage before to make their guardians. Thus, according to the Director of the establishment, the pair was not quite ready for adoption in the family of children with serious health problems.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As previously wrote “MK”, February 2, at about 3 a.m. three-year-old was taken to hospital with the diagnosis — a bruise of a brain of heavy degree, acute subdural hematoma of the right hemisphere of the brain, swelling, dislocation of the brain, multiple contusions to the face and extremities. Doctors as could, struggled for life of the child. But the beaten boy died in hospital a day later, without regaining consciousness. His foster mom, 32-year-old Natalia (woman with her husband living in Aprelevka near Moscow), explained that ill-fated day, the boy had a nervous attack. Nevertheless beating the kid immediately suspected a married couple. Natalia and her husband Basil took the brothers dogodkov, the eldest of whom, Nikita (name changed) was only 2 years 11 months, from an orphanage in the Tver region. The head of the family working in IT company a computer expert. His wife, by profession, a seamstress, engaged in tailoring of designer clothes at home. At the time of the incident he was at work on the night shift.

Natalia and Vasily had long dreamed about children. But for a long time the couple did not succeed to solve this problem. The lovers even got two dogs, but it does not save from loneliness. About three years ago, the family Council, they decided to take the child from the orphanage. They filed papers in local custody, gathered the documents, passed the interview and waited. Soon they offered to take the two brothers from Konakovo specialized children’s home in Tver oblast. It brought up the children with deviations in mental and intellectual development.

— I remember this case — says the Director of the orphanage Elena Pavlovna. — Such quiet, calm people. They made me a great impression. Twice they came and played with their future pupils. Kids at this time, of course, was crying because still not used to his future guardians. I told them that the children withdrawn from a family of alcoholics with intellectual and mental disabilities — they had to know that going in. Their eyes widened after my words, and they are left to think about it. Candidates for adoption or guardianship has 10 days to making such important decisions. After the allotted time, they returned and firmly stated his desire to take the kids. We have received all recommendations for the care of children up to schedule eating and sleeping. All the documents we were given for painting.

The investigation established that the day of the tragedy the child was at home with the guardian. During the interrogation, the investigator, the woman did not admit guilt, saying that the boy caused his own injuries by repeatedly banging his head on the floor during tantrums. However, the analysis of acquired severe injuries suggests that they could be formed as a result of their own actions, and caused him intentionally. The second child, which also have custody of the family confiscated. The initial evaluation of injuries it is not revealed — told “MK” the senior assistant administrator of GSU SK of Russia across Moscow region Olga Brady.

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