Tarantino will shoot a film about controversial Director Roman Polanski

Quentin Tarantino is preparing to shoot a new film. They are scheduled for the summer of 2018. His character will be the famous film Director Roman Polanski. Currently searching for leading actor. Most likely it will be a Polish actor, as Polanski has Polish roots.

photo: AP

Roman Polanski and his wife Sharon Tate.

Biography he was special. The famous Director is accused of sexual crimes. For this reason, he can’t freely move around the world. In 1977 it had received allegations of rape. The victim was once a 13 year old girl. Polanski admitted his guilt, but when it dawned prison sentence, quickly moved from the USA to France. Polanski not personally received the award “Oscar” in 2003, because he could be arrested, but in 2009 it happened in Switzerland at the request of the United States. He was under house arrest. When he was already advanced in years, he was accused of raping another victim. He seduced at the age of 16 in 1972.

Focus whether on these facts, Quentin Tarantino, is not yet known. But the relationship Polanski and actress wife Sharon Tate is likely to be included in the film. She was killed by members of the sect of Charles Manson — served in prison for a failed rock musician. Settled near Los Angeles, 34-year-old Manson has committed a series of murders. He broke into the mansion, where lived Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate, who was in the last stages of pregnancy, inflicted stab wounds. Polanski at this time was in London. Hunted the killer of a Hollywood producer, who did not appreciate the talent of Manson, but miscalculated. The role of Tate presumably will play 27-year-old Australian actress Margot Robbie. A neighbor, her heroine, serial actor – Leonardo DiCaprio.

Meanwhile passions round producer Tarantino and Harvey Weinstein are not going away. New allegations of sexual harassment adding to its rich Treasury. On their next series, made Uma Thurman is my favorite actress of Quentin Tarantino, which he sought for many years. Fortunately, before the accusations against him the case has not yet reached.

A plague has gripped other countries. Loud process of abuse is gaining momentum in Lithuania. Not so long ago with similar accusations were made by the set designer Simon Beceite, who worked with the famous theatre Director Jonas Vaitkus. The events that she recalled, dated back to 2009. Now Vaitkus 73. He directs the Russian drama theatre in Vilnius.

In November 2017 Lithuanian actress Julia Steponaityte made confessions about abuse by filmmaker Sarunas Bartas. After that, the municipality of Vilnius has quickly deprived him of the Studio. The Bartas is almost the only world kinoznamenitostej Lithuania, whose films regularly take part in the Cannes film festival. He was the husband who died tragically in Paris a Russian actress Katya Golubeva, with whom he shared a daughter. Ever and Bartas movie – too unexpectedly is his destiny.

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