The dark side of the bar

House arrest — such measure, according to the edition “Days.Ru”, January 22 was elected judge of the Khamovniki court of Moscow lawyer Sergei Kovbasyuk, accused of bribery in especially large size. The punishment under this criminal article (part 5 of article 291 of the criminal code) is from 8 to 15 years of imprisonment. The status of the detainee, the lawyer was already three days after the evening of January 19 was summoned to the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) in the CAO of Moscow and questioned after the arraignment.

The head of the company “Lawyers and business” Sergei Kovbasyuk.

Opening the meeting, judge Marina Syrova at first, about half an hour carefully studied attached to additional materials. Of them indicated that dependent on the accused are three young children and seriously ill mother, and the defendant needs medical supervision. Also has attached to the case of the additional Protocol of interrogation with the testimony of the lawyer.

He Kovbasyuk asked the judge to release him “on bail”, listing the reasons why he is, in his view, should remain at liberty. Among other things, the lawyer said “mutual understanding with the investigation,” and employees 400 people, “which can suffer from a lack of the employer”.

The representatives of the RCDS and the Prosecutor’s office in their objections called the new testimony of the lawyer “regarding grateful” and expressed fear that the accused might exert pressure on witnesses, due to extensive connections in law enforcement. But despite the petition, the judge Syrova decided not to put Kovbasyuk in jail and remain under house arrest. This is a unique case in legal practice, when such heavy charges, the decision on house arrest. Passing on the same article, the former Governor of Kirov region Nikita Belykh was not awarded such concessions. And did not took into account the arguments of the investigation about the vast opportunities of the accused to influence the defendants in the case. Many experts believe that this is due to the activity of the arrested lawyer.

The amount of bribes, according to investigators, amounted to 600 thousand dollars for the decision “specific issues”. It is on these issues spetsializiruyutsya so-called black lawyers. Or, in the vernacular, — “reshaly”. As a graduate of the military University of the Ministry of defense sunk to his looming jail?

Early in his career, Sergei Kovbasyuk, he worked as an investigator of the FSB of Russia. Where, apparently, and gained their respect. After 3 years, he is the Deputy Director General of Federal state unitary enterprise “the Directorate of culture of the Russian Federation”. Coincidence or not, but at this time the Ministry of culture for a pittance selling his property. A year later, after Kovbasyuk resigned from the post, his name becoming known in narrow circles.

Kovbasyuk gets the status of a lawyer and opens a Bureau “Attorneys and business”. Respondents in 2016 by the magazine “Kommersant Dengi” No. 33 sources in legal circles believe that “this law office works in the field of “special situations”. This euphemism usually hide corruption or raiding; less euphonious synonym to refer to people who help companies to address sensitive issues with the authorities or other players in the market, — “solved”.

Over time, the appetite Kovbasyuk grow, and in the mid-2000s, he becomes the owner of a holding company having in the title the initials of the owner of SVK. In addition to Russia, Kovbasyuk has been active in Ukraine, including the work of the branch office. And even, according to unconfirmed reports by Ukrainian media, Kovbasyuk helped to escape from Russia, his old friend and partner Denis Voronenkov, who also graduated from the Military University of the defense Ministry. Boronenkov then TFR was declared wanted because of the attempts of raider capture of the building of confectionery factory in Moscow. A short while later, former lawmaker was shot in the center of Kiev.

But still, the main theme of the lawyer were and still are the schemes associated with withdrawal of public funds in Russia. Name company Kovbasyuk “SVK-agro” built in the Bryansk region rabbit farm. At the time of opening the farm, according to the Bryansk journalist and ecologist Alexander Chernova, quoted edition of “Rosbalt”, there were cells with 24 rabbits. This did not prevent Kovbasyuk to open a line of credit in the state Bank and led the Governor of the Bryansk region under construction on the shops.

Specific reputation Kovbasyuk didn’t stop his partners from making deals. He believed the governors and judges. The impression that an attorney could negotiate with all. But now he faces a deprivation of the status of lawyer, the actual prison term and a large fine, a multiple of the amount transferred bribes. Was it possible to prevent the occurrence of such a phenomenon as “the lawyer Kovbasyuk”?

On the need for a cleansing bar environment from dirt to insist the legal community. Can’t a lawyer be called the person knowingly violates or distorts the law. The Federal chamber of advocates (FCA) is the single register of attorneys deprived of their status. The list will be shared for all of the advocates chambers. According to representatives of the community, these measures would assist in addressing the issue of penetration to the Corporation by unscrupulous lawyers.

But if one category of lawyers, offers the resolution of any problems, the entrepreneur will think ten times whether to keep a staff of lawyers and bear the related costs, if this does not guarantee him the trouble, and the trouble can be solved lump sum and point payment. “Black” lawyers are still “boxes” judges for the decision of questions. In 2007, in an interview to a newspaper Henry Reznik said that such action was prosecuted at least 15 lawyers, of which 12 or 13 were former employees of the interior Ministry and Prosecutor’s office. However, as history shows lawyer Kovbasyuk, after 10 years of “things are there”.

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