The man was arrested on heroin in the suburbs, died due to perekrestnoe Vienna

Suspect in the sale of heroin was found dead on 3 February in the chamber of the detention center for administrative detainees in POLICE Istra, near Moscow, the head of the duty shift at the planned bypass. The man had pergrisea vein in the arm.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As it became known “MK”, 33-year-old Alexander “took” eve with his girlfriend Natalia in the village Snegiri Istra district. Detectives from Department on struggle with drug trafficking were a couple of surveillance. Police officers received operational information that they will share with heroin near the entrances of houses. After two hours of waiting, Alexander and Natalia came in sight of the guards near the house 8 along the street Railway.

Security forces take decisions about their detention. But the code Opera has decided to bring suspects to the police Department, the man and the woman showered the cops selective Mat. Anyway, they were brought to the station. Police detainees visited and drew up a report on the “disorderly conduct”. In their pockets were found several bags of white powder. According to the staff of criminal investigation Department, were heroin (now powder carefully studied by the experts). And Alexander and Natalia was taken to a local hospital. There doctors delivered their verdict – these persons for a long time using drugs and they have no medical contraindications for the content in the cell.

At 11 o’clock the head of the duty shift OMVD the city of Istra saw Alexander lying on wooden planks belly down on the floor under him was spread a huge puddle of blood and the detainee does not submit signs of life (while he was single). The officer immediately summoned an ambulance, and he tried to resuscitate the victim, but in vain — he was dead.

On the given fact GSU SK of Russia across Moscow region carries out an inspection by results of which the procedural decision will be made. Also an internal investigation on the legality of actions of police officers is conducting research Affairs of the Moscow region.

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