A victim of the Moscow snowfall was Azerbaijani writer

Famous Azerbaijani scientist Kamal Mehdi oglu Abdullaev fell in the center of Moscow and dislocated shoulder joint 4 Feb. Presumably, he slipped on the untreated ice road.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As it became known “MK”, 67-year-old social activist, writer and playwright, arrived in the mother see of to a scientific conference, where I had to make a report. Trouble happened when the wise man in the company of two colleagues was just in a hurry to the event (it was held at the hotel “Budapest”). Abdullayev fell near the Triumphal square. Scientist helped to his feet. All the limbs except one arm was fine. Administrator theater of Satire, which appealed for aid, helped the victim to get to the emergency room. Doctors advised to impose a pressure bandage. After this manipulation Abdullayev once again went to the conference, which even managed to speak.

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