Analgin instead of “fast”: the man died after refusing medical kimrskiy to come

Russia’s investigative Committee shall verify the fact of death of men in the Tver region, which refused to come to the ambulance, according to the regional Department of the Ministry.


The investigators received a complaint from a resident of Tver oblast on the fact of improper provision by nurses of an emergency medical service of the city of Kimry of their functions, causing the death of a man. In this case, conducted investigation verification.

According to the applicant, on the morning of 30 January, the woman, being at home in the city of Kimry, turned on the phone to staff ambulance, as her husband wasn’t feeling well. Wife asked for paramedics to come to their home, saying that the man had a fever and it is difficult to breathe. On the other end the woman was advised to give her husband a pill “dipyrone” and then to call a home doctor.

After the failure of the doctors, the woman together with her husband by car went to Cymric Central regional hospital, but on arrival at the place the couple failed to seek hospitalization men. They explained that patients at their registration serves the clinic, which is the other end of town, where they subsequently went. In the clinic the man was hospitalized. He identified the couch in the hall, because of lack of seats in the house.

On the first day of February of the current year the patient’s condition worsened after which he was transferred to the intensive care unit, and in the evening the man died, the report says.

At the moment the question on excitation of criminal case.

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