Another version of the death of Dyatlov’s group: the alleged killer got in the photo

The mysterious death of a tourist group Dyatlov nine people in the pass area in the Northern Urals continues to haunt the minds and after 59 years after the tragedy. Nominated all possible versions — from natural to crime and even mystical. One of them, it seems, managed to find a confirmation: we are talking about the murder, perhaps — indicative.

A radio Amateur from Nizhny Tagil, Valentin Degteryov studied the two photographs that were captured on found dead tourists camera fed. One of them, he argues, depicts the rock and cave on the other — a member of the group, looking at the temple of Mansi deities.

“In the bushes is clearly visible figure of a man. He is dressed in the usual Mansiysk clothes with a hood. Nobody sees, but he observes those who disturb the peace of the gods” – says Degterev.

The author says that the mountain Kholat syakhl, where the tragedy occurred, refers to the ritual complex of the Mansi people. Although the Soviet regime loyally treated the Gentiles Muncie, in 1930-ies was arrested some shamans, says Degterev. Even then there was a cult around the mountain Kholat syakhl, if the place is cursed and his protecting spirits. Pictured rock with a human silhouette, perhaps at the temples. There was a door leading to the cave.

Version degtereva, tourists broke the taboo and invaded this sacred for Mansi place. Given that the photo you can see the almost imperceptible to the observer, there is speculation that the shamans saw it and could “punish” tourists.

The researcher adds to the mystique, claiming that the cave near the river Auspii still not found: “Although now and look useless. The shamans of the Mansi moved everything to another place.”

It should be noted that the consequence considered the version of the attack Mansi, but rejected it. The decision of the Prosecutor of Sverdlovsk region dated may 28, 1959 stated that the investigation did not reveal the presence of other people, besides tourists, in the height of “1079” before the tragedy.

“It was also established that the population of the Mansi peoples living in the 80-100 km from this place, refers to the Russian friendly”, – stated in the document. According to the investigation, this place in the winter Mansi considered unsuitable for hunting and reindeer herding.

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