Became known the cause of the fire with two dead bodies in the East of Moscow

Pre-lit cigarette was the cause of the terrible fire on the street Novokosinskaya on the night of 6 February. Four victims, including 13-year-old girl, had to jump into the snow from the sixth floor. Not all have survived — the family lost their female half.

As it became known “MK”, the signal about the fire in a three-room dwelling on the sixth floor came in 3.33. There lived a family of six people — a 64-year-old Gennady, his wife is the same age as Ludmila, the 31-year-old daughter Tatiana and her three children (girls 13 and 8 years old and a boy two years). Tatiana cohabited with Victor, a local alcoholic.

The family knew the whole staircase — retired almost with the construction of the house liked to drink. Late to the pernicious habit addicted their daughter Tatiana and Faith. Soon Faith had left home, became homeless and was dead somewhere. The youngest daughter, 18-year-old Hope, the Charter to have a permanent holiday, recently moved to cavalier. But Tatyana, having given birth to three children tried to return to a sober way of life, but still from time to time frustrated, watching their parents drinking.

February 2 was the birthday of Gennady. To note, as the neighbors say, began early. Tatiana saw in the local supermarket buying alcohol. On the way home the lady (she was drunk) fell wipers Tajiks took her to the entrance.

On 6 February, Gennady and Tatiana brought a pension, so the celebration continued with a vengeance. Descended to visit, and the father of the children — 43-summer Sergey (he was released from prison in may 2017). Seeing the roommate of Victor, he slapped the opponent punches, which he ran out of the apartment into the entrance, and Sergei remained at the table.

The head of the family Gennady, according to residents, smoked like a chimney, maybe he fell asleep with a lightened cigarette.

About 3.00 a neighbor heard a knocking in the common wall, decided that the citizens drank again and put on a show. Later, the man smelled the smoke, ran to the balcony and saw that the apartment was blazing.

According to neighbors, the first, escaping from fire, jumped out Tatiana — despite the fact that the woman landed in the snow, she broke her neck and died.

Gennady bravely tried to save the grandchildren — a boy he had taken out of the apartment and handed over to the hands of the neighbors (the baby had burned legs). The girls ran out to the balcony and cried. Younger sister helped to climb to the next balcony, and the older jumped in the snow (with blunt abdominal trauma she was hospitalized). Then from the sixth floor after the girl departed grandfather and Sergey — men escaped and were sent to hospitals.

After 4.14 firefighters coped with the fire, the apartment was found the body of Ludmila.

Police are now searching for the battered Victor (distinctive sign — red-blue birthmark under the eye). It can shed light on the circumstances of the fire.

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“The place of falling from the balcony of victims in Novokosino videotaped»

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