Discovered a new threat to Android smartphones

Experts have discovered a new threat to owners of devices based on operating system Android botnet called ADB.miner, reports the portal Bleeping Computer.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

This virus is looking for weaknesses in the operating system of the gadget. So, using the available debug ports, including essential elements for the Android system to port 5555, the malware finds a way to access the main functions. Then the botnet starts to cryptocurrency Monero using a smartphone.

According to experts of the organization QiHo 360, currently this virus is of the order of 7.4 thousand gadgets, most of which are located in China and South Korea. However, the infection spread quickly due to the fact that the dangerous virus is a danger for all devices with Android operating system.

It is noted that ADB.miner written in code based on a well-known virus called Mirai, born in 2016. According to experts, Mirai has infected thousands of gadgets across the planet.

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