In Moscow detained the maniac-the Turks who used to collect the panties of the victims

Sexual fetishism, held since early January in the fear young women Running district, arrested recently in Moscow by field investigators. A Turkish citizen, Builder of a luxury residential complex, beset ladies in the dark passage, tore off their underwear and ran away with trophies. On account of a maniac — at least two victims.

As it became known “MK”, 33-year-old man, born in the Turkish city of Trabzon, the first attack was made shortly after the Christmas holidays, two steps from their work. With the civil wife Tatyana and son (he is 1 year and 3 months) he rented an apartment in New Moscow, and on the construction site of residential complex “Royal square” in North district of Moscow held a senior position.

Around midnight the Turks ambushed preposterous 30-year-old Muscovite in the terrestrial crossing of third transport ring in area of Leningradsky prospect. A foreigner, by the way, attacked women dressed only in skirts and tights.

He had knocked out the lady in the back with a blow to the head, ripped tights with shorts, and together with the loot disappeared. Shocked the victim found the strength to walk to the police station and write a statement on the villain.

A similar case in the same place happened in late January. The victim described the maniac: tall Asian with a small beard, wearing a knitted cap.

The Moscow field investigators in early February, have established the identity of the alleged “collector”, said the head of security of the construction site (the object is 100 meters away from the scene), and sexual terrorist was arrested.

The first thing the police interviewed the wife of a Turk, she explained that she met a foreigner in a nightclub, and soon the light appeared first. Deviations in the psyche of the woman behind her husband did not notice. It is noteworthy that the Muscovite has forgiven the faithful and even justify his ugly deeds. So, according to the lady, during the first attack of the Turks was a little drunk (he wanted to relieve stress due to minor injuries son), passing by the girl allegedly became him to smile and he just hugged. Says the Muscovite, the Turks are famous for loving to, this act for them in order.

As reported “MK” the press-service GSU SK the Russian Federation across Moscow investigators opened a criminal case under article “Violent actions of sexual character” to other fetishists nepovadno was.

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