In Stavropol territory the father accidentally shot son at hunting

Investigators in Stavropol region opened a criminal case against a local resident, a suspect in a random murder of his thirteen-year-old son while hunting, the report said regional SUCK Russia.


According to investigators, the afternoon of February 3, thirty-eight, a resident of Stavropol and his thirteen-year-old son were hunting near the village Tsymlyanskoe Shpakovsky district. The father, recharging hunting rifled gun, accidentally pulled the trigger, and then there was a shot to the side of the teenager.

“From his injuries the boy died on the spot”, — stated in the message.

Upon tragedy criminal case under article “Causing death on imprudence”. According to the Russian Criminal code, the perpetrator of the incident could face up to two years in prison.

The Ministry said that the criminal case is assigned a number of forensic examinations, are also performed other investigative and procedural steps to consolidate available evidence.

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