Moscow airports have stood the test of snow

Moscow airports return to their usual mode of operation. We will remind that from-for the strongest snowfall, on 3 and 4 February were delayed and cancelled hundreds of flights. The inclement weather has delayed many passengers by airline, including the largest Russian air carrier “Aeroflot”, which provides its customers everything required. Despite the criticality of the situation, experts admit the air port the Moscow withstood the test of snow.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

The snow that covered the city last weekend, was the strongest over the last hundred years. Despite round-the-clock work of public services, transport in the capital was moving barely. Donated and airports: 3 February flew 11 aircraft, more than a hundred were arrested. The next day, the situation is particularly not improved, on 4 February in Domodedovo detained 8 and 16 flights canceled, Vnukovo — six were detained. Became the leader of Sheremetyevo airport — stayed there on the ground 56 of the boards. And yet the situation is not critical. Says Executive Director of the Agency “AviaPort” Oleg Panteleev, everything is relative.

– If we look at the events that, beginning January 4 for four days unfolded in U.S. airports, we find that only the first day of what happened to snow, there was delayed no less 5000 flights. Almost three and a half thousand flights were to airports in new York and Boston. The court, planted at other airports began to arrive in new York, he could hardly accept and send. After a couple of days the temperature dropped right up to – 12C, and a significant part of the thermophilic equipment stopped working, the staff could not load aboard aircraft Luggage. As a result, in the course of the day a new York airport was closed. As a result, the United States was not delivered to the destination only in the one port of new York more than 10 thousand units of Luggage, the number of canceled flights in the thousands, and the number of stranded passengers even more. Despite the fact that the intensity of the precipitation in new York was less than in Moscow now, we can state that the trials in new York has done much worse than now the Russian capital.

However, there is one excuse. The “big Apple” is a little bit South and there’s this kind of snowfall is rare. But the fact remains that the more serious load of the capital’s airports, and to some extent the airlines have withstood with fewer problems. At the same time the main Russian carrier Aeroflot has canceled at least 30 flights, including flights to Europe and Russia. All cancellations related to ongoing adverse weather conditions: snow takes a break, then again charges in full. Passengers of “Aeroflot” timely inform about the changes through the call center. If the flight is severely delayed, then stranded at the airport can easily reapply on the next flight or issue a refund if you change your mind and get your money without penalties.

Aeroflot in advance , on Friday sent out a warning about schedule changes, so that passengers were aware of them beforehand and not crowded in the airport, and came exactly to the specified time of flight. It is obvious that this approach in social networks this weekend posted ten times fewer complaints from passengers compared to December 2017, when the airline because of the snow also cancelled flights. Transfers of flights and the cancellation were published on the website of Aeroflot, and was duplicated in social networks, passengers also informed about this through the call center of the airline. Some passengers could not get a call or SMS from the call center, but it can only be the case if the passenger in the booking is not specified a contact telephone number what sometimes happens, if the ticket was purchased from an agent, not directly.

Earlier it became known that a good cleaning of the runways at airports throughout Russia damaged 19 Airbus-A320 of Aeroflot. In addition, currently in the Park 40 aircraft SSJ-100 fly 12.

– At the airport of the Sheremetyevo the situation was particularly difficult – continues Panteleev. – There has not yet been put into operation a new terminal complex, he will be ready for the world Championship. The airport does not yet have a sufficient number of Parking places for ships, and this creates certain problems. One of the key — the lack of contact sites under television ladders and the movement of the platform trucks and buses transporting passengers, restricted to a large number of aircraft stationed at the airport, and the ongoing cleaning, and piles of snow, which not always manage to quickly take them out of the field.

Now the situation has returned to normal, and Sheremetyevo cope with the load. Crazy queues to the counters for registration is no more, and in General the halls are a lot quieter. Experts say that as soon as weather forecast on February 6, fairly optimistic, then canceled and delayed flights will be no more than any other day. In addition to these abnormal weather conditions and weather forecasts, snowfall in the capital region may become a record since the beginning of the century! – when students are advised to stay at home, and to motorists and passers-by to beware of falling trees iced over, complaining about aviators is ridiculous. It was difficult to get to the airport than to fly. To dig up personal car had sometimes to spend more time than on the flight to Ekaterinburg.

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