The incident at the Moscow quest: rescue workers had to remove the chain from the girl

To get out of the trap the participant of one of Moscow’s quests had on Tuesday, the emergency situations Ministry. The girl was not able to break free from the chains fixed on her neck, so the organizers decided to enlist the help of professionals.


How did you learn the “MK” group of friends decided to arrange a “night quest”. Toward morning they arrived at the location in the 2nd kotlyakovskoe lane, where is a quest on motives of the horror movie “Saw”. According to the rules the competition is open to teams with a maximum of 10 people. This time the participants were nine. According to the story, to the neck of one of the girls put the chain in the process of completing the quest she had to break free. But when the party found the key, the door suddenly jammed and she was unable to remove the props. However, the girl did not ask to stop the game. With the chain on her neck she took the quest to end, and only when got out of the room, I asked the organizers to help her get out of the shackles. According to the staff of the quest, they had a tool that could “eat” link. But as the chain hung on her neck, they decided not to risk it and called rescuers.

The application was received by the MOE at 5 am. Rescuers quickly helped the girl to get rid of the “necklace” she was not injured. Moreover, as eyewitnesses speak, the “prisoner” react to the situation with humor and renounced any claims to the organizers. After the liberation of the whole company, including the girl, went to the next quest.

Review of the President of the National Association of quest industry Anna Cherkasova: “From my point of view, the staff of the quest acted wisely. They did not try to do “bite” of the castle, and called specialists. By the way, the same applies to medical care. If none of the employees has no special education, e.g. medicine, he has no right to give first aid. Just wash the wound with water and call an ambulance. It is impossible to handle even with iodine or peroxide”.

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