“Violated”: steel famous last words died in jail of a top Manager

“All I gave” — such were the last words of the figurant of the scandal, 56-year-old Valeria Wheat. A man was found dead in his jail cell in St. Petersburg. “MK” became known, the circumstances of the death of a defendant of fraud in the performance of the state order of the Ministry of defense.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

The top Manager of the company “Novit-About” Valery Wheat was detained in mid-January, immediately fell in the St. Petersburg prison №4. The investigators suspected the businessman in the overestimation of the value of the state contract of the Ministry of defense to develop 3D models of submarines of the project “warszawianka”. The damage, according to conservative estimates, amounted to 100 million rubles, and the contract was signed more than a billion.

Wheat found dead in his cell by day 5 Feb. Because he was the only one there, although I was always in the company of cellmates, it generated the version about murder.

In this chamber sat four people, — tells a source in the FSIN. Two in the morning taken to court, the third came a lawyer, and he was taken to meet him. So Wheat was left alone for a few hours. But since it was due back at the camera in the same day, to plant someone it does not make sense and finding him alone in a short period does not contradict the law. Especially because from time to time to the peephole in the cell door came the employee, as it is called, Cabinet. Wheat was all right, he was alive.

But when brought from the lawyer of another prisoner, opened the cell door, saw a terrible picture. The body of the prisoner was taken out of the loop. With designated seized a piece of fabric from t-shirts with Welt turned.

This corridor is under video surveillance camera — no. Prosecutors and investigators have seized the video recording of the corridor. It is continuous, second-by-second. The video is not edited and not cut into pieces. It can be seen that to the door no one except the employee didn’t fit (but he only looked in the eye, did not go inside and the door was not opened). That is, in the camera of Wheat was one. Now the record is finally checked for authenticity, and if there is no technical impact and intervention, in this case murder.

According to the inmates, the Wheat was very depressed. He said that he was promised that he would not arrest, promised to “cover up”, and left — right… Repeated: “no One is fit and don’t work.” And on the eve of the tragedy, told his cellmates the phrase: “I am betrayed”.

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