Germany and Switzerland sent the poet Rilke to Russia

After the successful holding of the exhibition “Rilke and Russia” in Germany and Switzerland the project is dedicated to one of the most famous poets-modernists of the twentieth century, Rainer Rilke, will present on 8 February in Moscow, at the site of the Literary Museum in Trubnikovsky lane.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

Director of the German literature archive Ulrich Raulf called the project a “sign of trust”: “in its preparation involved three countries (and Switzerland), and the work was not easy. This is an expensive project, but in difficult political times, this exhibition is a sign of trust, a sign that the cultural dialogue between our peoples does not stop. The draft was prepared more than two years. The exhibition includes diaries, documents, and pictures related to travelling Rilke in Russia; portrait of the poet of works by Leonid Pasternak, correspondence with Leo Tolstoy, Leonid Pasternak, Alexander Benois, Boris Pasternak and Marina Tsvetaeva, the translations of Rilke and his “Russian library”.

Visitors will see 280 exhibits from the Russian, German and Swiss museums and archives, private collections. The project is accompanied by a rich cultural program: tours to the Russian and German languages, Hiking, lectures, round tables, musical evenings and film screenings.

In all three countries, the exhibition is accompanied major scientific conference. Thus, in Moscow in the first days of the conference will be a forum “Cultural transfer 1900: Rilke and Russia”. The project will be a competition of young translators, and the winners will receive a certificate for a free German language course during the trimester in Moscow Goethe-Institute.

Help “MK”. Rilke visited Russia twice, in 1899 and 1900. Both of these trips had on the poet’s powerful influence. The poet was passionate about Russian literature, was in correspondence with Marina Tsvetaeva, who dedicated to him several works. He met with Leo Tolstoy, painters Ilya Repin and Leonid Pasternak — father of Boris Pasternak.

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