Muscovite killed car worker at one stroke, and was caught on video

Police detained 24-the summer inhabitant of Moscow who is suspected of cruel beating of the employee of a car wash. The fatal blow that struck the young man a repeat offender, caught in the lens of a surveillance camera.

photo: 50.MIA.Russia

The incident occurred in the town of Stupino. The suspect, along with his friends arrived at the car wash and demanded to wash his BMW. Sleepy employees are not in a hurry to begin, than has infuriated the motorist.

The man got into the car, drove out of the car, and then returned to the room for the “showdown”. With a precise strike he laid on the floor two opponents, and one of them was not up. The victim was taken to hospital where he died shortly thereafter.

Thanks to the recordings from surveillance cameras to keep the “boxer” have been fast enough. It turned out that at only 24, the suspect was repeatedly judged. Now to it “shines” 8-year sentence for the intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm leading to death, according to the website of the Moi of Russia in Moscow region.

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“Killer wash got on video surveillance cameras: with one blow»


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