Police raided the apartment of the head of Barvikha

Not a comic corruption scandal with overtones erupted on Wednesday around Sergei Taneeva head of elite rural settlement Barvihinskaya in the suburbs. The charge not yet filed, but police raided the apartment of a civil servant in the country and even in garages.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

As it became known “MK”, investigatory management of MU of the MIA of Russia “Odintsovskoe” opened a criminal case against a group of “unidentified persons”, although from the case materials that this group is the current head of the settlement. According to investigators, in early 2017, the father of the head of Alexander Tenyaev settled in the local ISU utilities janitor and quit after three months. During this time he managed to get paid for a total amount of 100 thousand rubles, but not a single day when this did not work. Law enforcement authorities suspect that all of the reports about the work done by the janitor by Tinaevym are false, and his salary is a “theft of funds by deception”. Searches were conducted in the apartment of a failed janitor and his sons, one of whom is the head of the settlement Barvihinskaya.

At the headquarters of Sergei Taneeva has its own version of the events. According to his subordinates, this criminal case is revenge against the officer for what he allegedly unearthed a corruption scheme of the head of administration of Barvikha Herman Potapchuk. It turns out that some time ago Tenyaev found that the property was awarded 5 tenders for the improvement of playgrounds and monuments to war heroes. As a result, several companies received contracts for a total amount of 16 million rubles. It is assumed that the money the company must put in order the site and to monitor the condition of the monuments. Under the terms of the contracts, the contractors are required even to wash the monuments and smash them around the flower beds. However, such work nobody was produced for monuments continue to look after the locals, and play equipment on the playgrounds is not painted. Tenyaev at the time, appealed to the control and audit chamber to find out how the money was spent.

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