Suburban schoolgirl attacked with a knife by a drunken father, protecting mother

Psychological help required 13-year-old schoolgirl from the suburbs, which on 6 February, defending his mother from three sheets drunken father hit the man with a knife in the back. The wounded were hospitalized and the woman is preparing the divorce papers.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As it became known “MK”, 39-year-old head of the family came home around 23.00 when his wife-age 13-year-old daughter was going to go to bed. The man — the military pensioner, the invalid of the second group (in 2002 during the terrorist attack in Kaspiysk he lost a leg). The last time he abused alcohol and was raised in the native hand. So, two years ago a man beating his wife and daughter to such an extent that they had to be treated in hospital. And then the girl began to mock at school, so school had to change.

And this time wife (she is by profession electrical engineer, maintains the whole family) rebuked the pious drunkenness — the words brought the alcoholic out. He grabbed the iron and started to beat the unfortunate woman, then threw her to the floor and sitting on it, started to choke him. Daughter to save his mother, in a fit of passion seized a knife and repeatedly struck his father in the back. Only after that he left the victim alone. The victim was sent for treatment to a local hospital. Wounds of the pensioner and not heavy. The wife — the bruises and contusions, assistance was provided on site.

Woman in horror waiting for my husband to be released and he will return home, as it goes nowhere else — this apartment they received from the state for the whole family. It therefore intends to move with children to a safe place (the family grows more three-year-old son, the boy is now with his grandmother in the Rostov region) and divorce. And the girl, according to the mother, needs to see a psychologist — it is clear that the soul is going through a difficult situation. By the way, the teachers are well characterized by the girl: she learns to “five” and “four”, unconflictive, with peers is in a smooth relationship.

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