The Deputy Minister of health of the Republic decided not to wait for the court: the verdict

The Deputy Minister of health of Tatarstan Elena Shishmaref, which is February 3, was placed under house arrest in a criminal case of fraud and abuse of power, was found dead in his home. Cause of death is, but according to preliminary data, the woman died voluntarily.


As reported “MK”, February 3, the Soviet district court of Kazan Elena Shishmareva placed under house arrest. According to investigators, she was involved in the embezzlement of budget funds allocated for the training of employees of medical institutions. In particular, Shishmaref demanded from employees of the economic departments of medical institutions to undergo training courses in the Autonomous nonprofit organization “Progress”, which is controlled by the second suspect in the case, her friend Elena Fakhrutdinova.

To this end, the Minister of health established a group on the Internet composed of the heads of medical institutions where it is required to comply with its conditions. In case of failure Shishmaref threatened “not to approve and sign the documents required for current business activities of medical institutions”. In just two years was signed 300 contracts worth 8 million rubles, of which 5 million rubles were stolen by the suspects. The health Minister didn’t admit the guilt and promised to bring proof of his innocence.

The reason for the detention Deputy was the message received by law enforcement agencies, as follows: “Shishmaref actively lobbying the interests of “Progress” and supervises the conclusion of contracts”. In court the representative of the regional investigative Department instructed on the need to conclude Fakhrutdinov and Shishmareva custody in jail, but the state’s attorney’s office felt that it is possible to do house arrest.

According to information on the website of the Ministry of health of Tatarstan, Elena Shishmaref graduated from the Kazan financial-economic Institute. Started to work as a senior accountant of centralized accounting Department of the Republican clinical hospital of Tatarstan. To work, the Deputy Minister of health of the Republic served as first Deputy Executive Director for economic Affairs GU “Fund of obligatory medical insurance”.

Health Minister of Tatarstan Republic Adel Vafin has commented on local media reports about the death of his Deputy: “I don’t know if you found the note or not, but I think here the answer is obvious. For us it is a tragedy, we lost a highly qualified specialist, a very experienced specialist.”

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