The motive of the massacre in Pavlovskiy Posad has become a persecution of a young father

Latent mental illness the head of the family referred to investigators the cause of the massacre in Pavlovsky Posad near Moscow on 6 February, where he died two people. A man with a knife attacked his wife, who on 3 February gave birth to a daughter, and he received a fatal wound. Baby he, fortunately, was not touched.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

As it became known “MK”, the tragedy occurred in the family of Muscovites — 29-year-old Alina and 33-year-old Alexis. They met at work (Alina was a technician, and Alex the installer to design Bureau “Mars”), was married in the fall of 2017, and February 3 at 11.00 in the Moscow hospital was born the daughter that they wanted to name Polina.

On a family Council it was decided to use mother’s offer by Alina to move for the first time in Pavlovsky Posad, where the woman resides with her husband in a spacious apartment (Muscovites occupied one room in the “kopeck piece” on the street). Newfound grandmother, computer operator at the clinic, was going to take leave to help her daughter with the child. Also leave the long week and took Alex.

5 Feb Alina and my daughter was discharged from the hospital, they went to Pavlovskiy Posad. Around midnight Alex with his stepfather Alina drank a glass to the health of the child, went to bed. Woke up at around 6.00. Alina was feeding the baby, Alex drank coffee, and my grandmother was going to work — to settle the remaining cases. At 8.45 went to serve stepfather.

Around 13.30 the grandmother returned home, but to get inside could not. She called her husband from work, he pressed the front door, after which everyone was stunned with horror — Alina and Alex were dead (their body gaping stab wound), baby lay in her crib and cried. The baby was admitted to the perinatal center in Mytishchi — the state of health does not inspire fear, it will soon be discharged. Police found that Alex stabbed Alina (for this he used two knives — a kitchen and office). A few minutes later the murderer died from similar wounds.

Family agree on one thing — Alex was mentally ill, and worsened as the summer of 2017, when problems arose with the land. Alex with Aline credit for 1.5 million rubles bought a few acres in the Leninsky district of Moscow region, planned to build a house. Later it turned out that the site is correctly measured and it cannot be reached — for this neighbor had to tear down their structure. The neighbor refused. Alina Alexei could not use the land, and the loan was given. It freaked the young man out of himself — he became anxious, suspicious, trouble sleeping. At his wife’s request, I visited the psychiatrist, he prescribed the pills. Sleep has improved, but the anxiety has not passed. Mother-in-law noted that on 5 February, when it came to their home, Alex several times approached the door peephole, looked out the window, he felt that he was being watched, I asked Alina to go for a walk, as they are being watched. Although, according to relatives, no threats Alexei did not.

Apparently, the man completely unhinged mind. Now to raise a little Pauline is a grandmother.

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