A tragedy with a foster child: a baby was killed from anger and powerlessness

Death in the Moscow Aprelevka three year old ward of the baby, allegedly at the hands of guardians, parents, makes you wonder: how could it happen that people who are capable of such fanaticism, could give a child? Because a normal person cannot raise his hand on a small child! How do the people making all the favorable impression made?

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

To these questions we tried to answer the psychologist Eugene Idzikowski.

Recall, February 2 the boy was taken to the hospital with a brain injury and multiple contusions of the face and body. A day later he died. His guardian explains the incident with a nervous attack — the child was struggling in a fit, and he inflicted injuries on himself. However, police suspect in the beating of their spouses or partners-guardians — Natalia and Basil. In June of last year, they took custody of the brothers dogodkov from the orphanage in the Tver region for children with deviations in mental and intellectual development.

– Evgeny, can a sane man even in a state of extreme irritation and fatigue, to deal a fatal blow to 2-year-old child?

– Yes, it may. Impulsive people, the power to calculate is not given to everyone. Moreover, a three year old does not need much. A lot of household situations in which a sudden movement caused by a nervous breakdown, for a child turns into a trauma. No one wanted to.. but a concussion or fracture.

– Today, potential guardians are screened by a psychologist and a psychiatrist which gives the conclusion on their readiness for adoption (custody). Does it from possible shifts in the psyche that lead to such tragedies?

– No guarantees. With all due respect to the experts, such surveys are not an individual. The model tests and basic adequate people are — just because they fit into the norm. But the norm is wide. If a person with a chainsaw can not walk down the street, it sees it normal.

Plus with time people change. A man with a hidden neurosis may now become a psychopath after a year.

If there is a way to ensure that you avoid misfortunes by checking/training of future guardians or the inevitable percentage of those people who have what is called, suddenly “going crazy” and they perform actions which no one could have expected?

– The absolute guarantee can not be. For the same reason – people change, situation changes. But you can improve the checks, make them more personalized, to attract more highly qualified specialists. Unfortunately, this will lead to a sharp rise in the cost of the procedure. In addition, even the most superior specialist is difficult to identify problems in people who want to please. Which are on emotional lifting, wish to adopt a child, full of love for one’s neighbor.

It will take time, positive feelings will subside, motivation will drop, people will start to live a normal life. But in ordinary life we are annoyed, angry, offended. And that’s fine.

– Have taken custody of the children had serious mental illness. How difficult is it to raise these children? Can these difficulties lead to a mental disorder at the guardian?

– Even perfectly normal, healthy, good person still experiences negative emotions. This is normal, the emotion is the signal of the event. If you violate our border is experiencing anger. Things don’t go the way we want – anger. Our expectations are not met, resentment. A child with mental disabilities provoked all the negative emotions. It doesn’t behave how I want, not as expected. Patience is not infinite, there are external factors – problems at work, problems in the family. Option, when one is superimposed on another happens frequently. Everyone, I think, and he can remember when he broke on to a spouse or children and then regretted.

It is very important to pay attention to whether there was a history of violence, tend to Express aggression by using physical force. To explore parent families – there is a trend of migration experience of their parents on their family.

Social and financial status is also very important, the consumption of alcohol in particular. If the environment of the people demonstrates corporal punishment, rough handling, there is a high chance that it is perceived as the norm. Of course, the conversation with the psychologist, people do not say, but it will manifest not in room conditions and in real situations, when an adult is tired, annoyed, and the child is not doing the simplest things. And the fact that the child may be mentally or physically restricted, not taken into account. “Well, what are you stupid, can’t do a simple task!”Financial status fear of the sharp deterioration in the quality of life, which also leads to the accumulation of negativity.

But that said, the novel LUKMANOV, neurologist at Institute of neurology:

— Patients with organic brain damage may experience the behavior that is harm. And child can cause injury to yourself both consciously and unconsciously. Consciously, this happens in case if the little man wants to get some benefit. Begging, for example, a toy, he falls to the floor, pounding feet, screams, maybe even Bang your head against the wall and biting himself. Examples of such deviant behavior — a lot. But the bottom line is that the tantrum ends as soon as the child receives what they want. Another thing, when the situation develops on the background of unconsciousness. If the child has a seizure, it can also cause yourself injury, incompatible with life, but in this case he did not control his behavior.

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