Death under custody: the version of the murder of a three year old questioned

On Thursday in Moscow, Naro-Fominsk heard the case of the terrible murder. A young woman, according to investigators, was tortured to death three-year old boy, whom she and her husband took custody from an orphanage with his brother. “MK” has already talked about this story on 5 and 6 February.

But tortured?

Relatives and friends unanimously repeat: spouses — good people, both wealthy, their children did not God, therefore, made a difficult and what seemed to be the right decision: to give parental love to the two miserable sick kids. But the couple faced difficulties, which are obviously not fully ready.

So what happened that night in the house Kulynych (name changed) — brutal violence, an accident, or manslaughter? “MK” has conducted its own investigation.

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2 Feb late in the evening on the panel “emergency” was called by the inhabitant of the Aprelevki and reported that her three year old son Daniel (name changed) was a sudden attack.

When arrived at the scene, the doctors, the baby showed faint signs of life, he was taken to a nearby hospital. In the emergency room diagnosed a poisoning with psychotropic substances, closed cherepno-a brain trauma and a coma of unknown etiology. On the child’s body to the naked eye were visible to numerous abrasions and bruises. The most noticeable damage was to the face and neck: two bumps on his forehead, wide Burgundy furrow on his cheek, marks of strangulation around the throat. Considering the heavy condition of the small patient, he was transferred to the clinic of Dr. Roshal in Moscow. Hence, data on injuries were, as expected, transferred to law enforcement agencies (this, by the way, did the suburban doctors: Natalia managed to convince them that did not raise their hand against the son). But, unfortunately, the boy could not be saved.

A criminal case was initiated under part 3. 30 paragraph “b” and part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation “Attempt at murder juvenile”. In addition, “under the hand” got the doctors: they imputed negligence, as well as the officials of the territorial Department of social protection of the population of the Konakovo district of the Tver region who have committed serious irregularities in the vetting of the nominees for Trustees.

Natalia denies that beat the boy. In her opinion, the accident occurred: the child had a seizure, and was unable to save. But the bruises and injuries he had inflicted on himself during the last seizure and many others that happened to a sick child several times a week. But investigators are convinced that the boy was abused. The younger child was seized from the family. And on February 8, Naro-Fominsk the court arrested the woman.


From the beginning Natalia fiercely defended her husband Basil, who, however, were not at home at the time of the events described: he worked the night shift (male working supervisor).

As the man told militiamen that in 10 years of marriage he never saw that his wife was aggressive and especially applied to someone’s physical strength.

— Take the kids — it was a conscious and informed decision. We have all the necessary procedures, training and were ready (as well as possible to be ready for the guardianship of two very healthy children). At school for foster parents warned us that a healthy and trouble-free children should not count, — said Vasily.

When spouses reported that an orphanage in the Tver region are waiting for his new family two brothers seized from a dysfunctional family, the pair immediately set off. In their place were acquainted with the class: three year old and two year old Danilo Anton. Both of the children before entering the institution they lived in terrible conditions.

In the extract from the personal file it says: “…the biological parents of Anton and Daniel — binge drinkers, prone to vagrancy. Mother works as a cleaner in shop “Products”, the father of the orphan and the victim. The family does not have a permanent residence and constantly changing rented apartments. Last place of residence set by the social workers, — a room of 20 square meters the apartment is on the first floor. All the Windows are broken home, heating stove. For cooking use electric oven. The furniture of the old stool and the sofa to a stranger. Children wrapped in rags. The two children in urine and sand. Hygiene products are not available. Of children’s things only one stroller. During the recent visit of employees of social protection were identified, the beatings, the younger son (later to criminal liability were involved the father), the eldest was afraid and was not contact”.

An employee of the orphanage said that the mother of the children was in a constant alcoholic stupor, beat the boys, threw them as kittens. Mental health in the younger much more stable than my brother, as he barely had time to realize themselves in this terrible situation, but the older, it has been undermined. With regard to physical health, both children were born with many different disabilities. Of the visible: Anton malformation of the external ear — the Pinna is missing, and Daniel twisted his feet. Also the older revealed organic brain damage.

— This is not counting the “standard set” of delays which are punched all the orphans. Familiarity with the boys after this dossier, of course, was in mixed feelings. I struggled with the tears of pity for the young, the desire to leave hell. And we left. But already the day felt like their pick — recalled Basil. — Took a break of 10 days to think about it, the main thing — I consulted with the mother of Natasha, who said she would help his wife. Then I calculated our budget, which we are quite able to pull the two sons.

Officially, the family is only Vasily, Natalia sewed at home dresses were designer, participated in exhibitions with their works. A man receives 120 thousand rubles per month (plus monthly allowance for two children is about 32 thousand rubles). So financial problems really shouldn’t be. In June last year, the pair decided to take the brothers with a hard life.

— Mastered children almost immediately. If the younger son had no problems at all, then the older about once a week was hysterical. It looked like this: a few days of obedience from the boy was “boiling”, and he started to moan, then scream, hysterical, and the climax of the attack was that he fell to the floor and started to beat on the floor with his head, — said Vasily.

But there were positive changes. Daniel — contrary to predictions — was to say “thank you”, “please”, “good night,” and even started to sing and recite poems. New parents kept in touch with a psychologist. With it they have developed seems to be effective model of communication.

We said to him: “stand in the corner”, explained that “you’re crying what you do not want to brush your teeth” and telling me not to clean but to stand in the corner. When he was distracted and got up, had a mandate: “As naplachutsya, tell us about it.” And that’s all! A few minutes later he calmed down, then peeking, and in the end came up and said, “Daniel cried,” the cited examples of his educational practice, the guardian of the deceased child.

Nevertheless, Vasily admitted that once used to Daniel power. Male spank toddler for what he tried to squeeze the dog’s eyes (the family has two Labradors)…

The tragedy which occurred the man explained the circumstances, which eventually turned the death of the boy. It all started with the fact that since December, the attacks became more frequent Daniel, and Natalia went to a psychologist. But, unfortunately, broke his leg and advised the Trustees on the phone. Natalia, like, didn’t want to go to another doctor. The psychologist invited the Trustees to address to the neurologist, but the woman was afraid to lead Daniel to the new doctor as he was covered in bruises. It is explained by the fact that he could draw the wrong conclusions: that the boy had very sensitive skin, and the bruises he had constantly, he had to hurt some angle or fall.

In the fateful day Natalia called her husband and said that Daniel attack, and she called an ambulance. According to her son first fell into another fit of hysterics, and then suddenly he peed, and vomited. She tried to clear his mouth of vomit, but the child firmly clenched jaw and gradually went limp.

— We have no doubt that it was epilepsy. This disease is one of our dogs, and we’ve seen how the attack takes place, — says Vasily.

It should be noted that the deceased boy is missing this diagnosis. But, according to the guardian, the disease is just not found in a children’s home, which contained child also was not assigned a child with a disability, citing the fact that at such an early age it is difficult to do.

Discard the hypothesis and go back to real life. In fact there are facts. In the clinic Roshal also was diagnosed with closed craniocerebral injury, brain contusion and multiple bruises all over her body, the photographs are clearly visible black band at the neck of Daniel, during the search in the bathroom there were traces of baby’s blood…

The guardian tried to explain each of the injuries with varying degrees of success. Kulagin said that one lump on his forehead Daniel he received after falling from a bar stool, and the second is in another fit, hitting his head in the yard in Aprelevka (a witness to this, according to Basil, was a neighbor). History scratches on the face of an adopted son of the man could not remember. Blood found in the bathroom — from the bruise that the kid constantly picks. But the most incredible explanation of the guardian gave the strangulation marks on the neck of the boy. It turns out that the baby had too big a head, and he was often entangled in the clothes it wore, and drew himself in the throat!

— The poisoning of psychotropic substances in General can not say anything. It’s total nonsense! The child was not on any account, and no strong medicines he was prescribed. The only thing he prescribed a therapist — it drops the “lull” and drops from the common cold…

Anyway, a forensic examination will put everything in its place, namely: could the lost boy himself to inflict a mortal injury, whether there were among them those that could cause another person, and most importantly — could the medics to save that poor baby.

And while we can only guess. Let’s take on the role of investigator and will present possible variants of development of events.

First, and most shocking: Natalia and Vasily took children from the orphanage to receive benefits from the state, and do not even think to deal with problem kids. Or it was just a simple whim, especially now that the sacrifice in the trend. And when Natalie realized that to live in the same house with lightly managed, unstable, not amenable to education of children beyond their strength, it just snapped.

The second scenario — the child really was subject to frequent attacks and can inflict a mortal injury, banging against the walls. But if so, why, knowing about the characteristics of the child, the woman tried to hold Daniel, using physical force reasonable?

And the third mother still used the most physical strength, but not calculated. Or maybe just being unable to stop the seizure, in the hearts of slapped the kid a smack?..

While it is possible to tell with confidence only one: people who want to adopt children with special needs, should be more thoroughly checked for mental stability. And potential Trustees and adoptive parents is advised: 10 times weigh all “for” and “against” before to take a difficult child. In any ambiguous situation will have to answer to investigators.

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