“Like children playing”: in the apartment of Viktor bout found casino

Casinos in the apartment “merchant of death” Victor bout (convicted by a U.S. court to 25 years in 2012) at the street of Gashek found a capital field investigators. The underground establishment was in operation from the beginning of 2017.

photo: still from video on youtube

Three bedroom dwelling (with an area of 96 square meters) on second floor for rent for a few years. Responsible for the lease older brother of Victor bout — 56-summer Sergey, the businessman, who is also registered here. In this house lived a lot of famous people — so, next door to the apartment at the time was occupied by the lawyer Tatyana Akimtseva (attorney was shot near the house in 2014).

First home of the brothers Booth was shooting a family with a child, but in February they moved out. Soon Sergey with the help of a realtor found a new tenant — a certain Arthur. The man said that in this apartment he could live will not, and will use it for business meetings. Furnishings in the home was the office.

According to neighbors, Arthur appeared in the apartment infrequently and for a short time. Last saw him three weeks ago — he drove into the yard on his “Volkswagen” and had been in the apartment 15 minutes.

Apparently, the man passed a tabernacle for the players in the sublease. During the RAID on 6 February, the police found a gambling table, 298 gambling chips, two fischadler, hourglass and five decks of playing cards. Was arrested eight people.

Sergey Bout was not aware of the incident although Bank staff (it is on the first floor) I noticed something strange. The guards (they are on duty round the clock) at night I heard a sound like a ball game — as if the kids were kicking a football. To Sergei told this information, he was very surprised that the apartment the children live, called Arthur, and he pretended he did not understand about what speech.

And soon in the room (where, apparently, stood a gaming table) put a carpet for sound insulation — its Sergey saw, in the summer of 2017 went to the apartment to solve a plumbing problem. Then housing broke off the pipe responsible for heating floor, and flooded the Bank. The leak was repaired by local masters, and the gambling table, nobody has seen, apparently, in advance hid. It is noteworthy that Sergei quite often in the courtyard of the house where Parking the car, and then goes on Tverskaya street. And he had not thought to look at your home unexpectedly to check.

Soon Sergei (he went on a business trip, but due to the PE will be back February 8) will give the necessary explanations and show it to the Park. The apartment itself is in fact now open, as during the RAID off the hinges were removed the door. It somehow put in place, sealed with tape.

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