Sarovskie engineers turned the supercomputer in bitcoin farm: “nominingue” will spend on the courts

Truly a comical story in the style of Hollywood movies about hackers who crack jokes for the sake of the servers of the Pentagon, occurred in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Engineers closed the Institute decided to restructure the supercomputer and turned it into a farm for a cryptocurrency. However, lightning can strike it rich craftsmen and failed. Instead of a list of the wealthiest people in the world they came under the attention of the security forces.


As reported by Telegram-public Mash, miracles of ingenuity shown by the employees of the nuclear center in Sarov. Perhaps the two young men regretted the supercomputer: why smart car is just standing and gathering dust? Instead, the Assembly decided to transfer into the mainstream of personal enrichment.

But without access to the global web to create a cryptocurrency will not work, and supercomputer, as an evil, worked in a strictly offline. Craftsmen did not panic and pulled off the impossible: he went to all protective systems, hooked up the first machine to the internal network of the center, and then brought it to the Internet.

However, to enjoy the bell ringing virtual coins to the organizers of the risky business project and failed. To them was raided by the FSB and covered the illegal farm. It turned out that pierced computer genius at the very moment when he joined the supercomputer to internal network space. To connect any gadgets to your network of nuclear companies are strictly forbidden – this is followed by the internal security service. His staff and gave information about the hackers to the security forces. Those brought on the failed millionaires a criminal case. Now both pseudo-cryptotermes are under recognizance not to leave.

Experts on cryptocurrencies believe that the desire to get rich has clouded the minds of the engineers. They are unable to calculate what the capabilities of the supercomputer – albeit gigantic – not suitable for creating bitcoins.

“The most effective is the computational tool which was originally sharpened under any particular operation, explained the developer of the cryptocurrency Vyacheslav Semenchuk, the Supercomputer was created for the needs of nuclear reactors. It is not suitable in the role of the farm. With the same success, Bank staff can “mine” bitcoins on their equipment. They have few what happens.”

As the expert noted, the result of this risky surgery could be just a few bitcoins. So most likely conceived gamble more for fun than for profit.

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