The teenager quickly evacuated the helicopter after a fight at a Moscow school

In the dining room of one of the schools in the South-East of Moscow there was a fight between the pupils of the seventh and ninth grade. As a result, one of the boys received a severe injury of the parietal region and was quickly evacuated by medical helicopter to Children’s hospital No. 20.

photo: a frame from the video

According to the portal Life between adolescents altercation in the school cafeteria and they began to throw each other plates. According to others, one could hit the other glass.

Anyway, the seventh graders received a serious shrapnel wound of the parietal region of the head.

Eyewitnesses reported that the entire corridor at school were splattered with blood while the boy was escorted to the infirmary.

After treatment in an ambulance for a child, it was decided to send a helicopter, which sat on the school field.

Now the schoolboy is in the Department of neurosurgery.

Now are the causes of the conflict, the police are looking into why the teachers could not stop the fight.

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