Tired after mother’s funeral: a jaded pilot threatened Moscow utility gun

Long flight from Tokyo for his mother’s funeral, and stress after the altercation with his wife explained the 46-year-old Muscovite police their behavior at the hotel on the Leningrad highway. The man, angered by the loud cleaning of the roof, wearing a vest and began to threaten the hard workers of the German gun 1938.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As it became known “MK”, the sad news of the death on 28 January an elderly mother discovers a man in the Japanese capital, where he was on business. Muscovite is working a pilot of a private airline, had recently arrived in the Country of the rising sun. He immediately reported the tragedy in the family of his boss, but the highlight of the plane to Moscow at once failed, as the liner had to fly to Nepal.

Therefore, in the mother see of the man went on 1 February. The flights, he said, was difficult because of the crosswind, lasted more than 10 hours. Man, as soon as I set foot on my native land, became engaged in ritual activities. Mom was interred on 2 February. That evening we all gathered at the table, remembered the deceased. Muscovite were recognized to be not abandoned glass of liquor. By this time he had not slept for two days, so at some point, had a quarrel with his wife over petty things. Nerves, in recognition of the pilot, could not stand, and he slammed the door, left the apartment, taking one of his pistols — a German WALTHER 1938 and armor (man of the house collects the weapons).

Overnight Muscovite went to the hotel near the house — in the room he moved about 3.00 on 3 February. According to the staff, a customer ordered champagne in the room, until the morning did not see him. The alarm was raised by workers who around 10: 00 started to clean the roof from snow. The man later explained that these sounds woke him up, so he went to ask the masters not to make any noise. According to staff, the client was dressed in body armor, in his hands he held the gun and muttered something incomprehensible, so they called the police.

The troublemaker was taken to the police station, where he recovered and after the first explanation went home. The gun withdrew, it became clear that this short firearms and is quite suitable for shooting.

The other day, after reviewing the case, investigators opened a criminal case under article “Hooliganism”. By the way, the man was previously convicted under the criminal code “Illegal banking activity”.

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