Victim the thin man: 15-year-old was sentenced to 40 years for murder

A US court has sentenced a 15-year-old girl to 40 years in prison for the murder of his girlfriend. During the investigation it was established that the teenagers had been friends for many years. They are fond of the online character Slenderman. Its a terrible thing the young assassin explained that copied online hero games and decided to kill as he. Explain that the Slender man, which translated means, “the thin man” is one of the most scary characters of the Internet folklore. According to legend, he stalks children and adolescents, podkaraulivaya their victims in abandoned buildings and other empty spaces. Abducted children, supposedly, see a few days before his disappearance, the nightmares and trying in an unconscious state to leave the house.


Increasingly in the life of Teens real life mixed with virtual. Similar cases of murders due to Internet addiction have been in Russia. In 2005, a jury in the Altai unanimously convicted the 19-year-old Vitali Chegodaeva in the murder of two elderly people. The young offender is first robbed of their grandparents, taking a pension of 8 thousand rubles, and then killed them. According to the investigation, the motive to commit murder native people became addicted to their grandson Vitaly to gambling on the Internet. The young man was then given 17 years in prison.

In may 2008, a tragedy occurred in Novosibirsk. 14-year-old fan of the game “Counter-Strike” had killed his opponent at the game of 17-year-old schoolboy. The murder he committed on the margins of the computer club in which the players engage each other in a virtual firefight.

In April 2010, the 14-year-old from Tuapse committed a violent crime. Before too long he was sitting at the computer, and his parents hid keyboard. At night, the guy quietly crept into the bedroom of parents with a sledgehammer and killed the sleeping father, and then woke her mother and demanded to return the keyboard. After she gave him back the device, the guy quietly returned to the game “Gothic” (Gothic). And when a teenager came to police, he asked: “is there in the prison computer?”.

About game addiction among adolescents, which is fatal, we were told the candidate of medical Sciences, psychiatrist Vahan Sargsyan.

With computer games we have not such a unique situation. There are those that cause aggression, such as shooting, and there are quiet games. The dependence of a teenager can be detected at an early stage. Usually parents should be alarmed if their child shows elements of aggression, he was irritable and tired quickly, showing aggression, for example, beats his fist on the head, trying to cut his skin. And sometimes, on the contrary, the teenager is very passive, which can also be alarm bells. At first such symptoms, you need to go to a psychiatrist. And do not be afraid. It is best used to detect the disease than to reap the terrible consequences.

– How is addiction?

– Gadgets are now almost all. But dependence is not for everyone. During computer games, changes in the brain. An addict or not – it all depends on personality type. For example, here’s the girl who killed the girlfriend, most likely was initially some other mental illness. Usually addiction comes from those who are already suffering from some disease of the psyche. Need to take into account the fact that adolescents are the most vulnerable category of people. They are no longer children but not yet adults. They are hormonal changes, can change the emotional background. Adolescents are very important as they look the part. Some failures, conflicts with peers forced them to leave in the virtual world.

– How to protect children and Teens from computer games and depending on them?

– Teen should spend no more than an hour a day. You need to bear in mind that interacting with the computer, it affects the magnetic field and deteriorate posture. But I’m certainly not saying don’t use gadgets at all. We live in a world where no computer has anywhere. To completely protect teenagers from the gadgets no longer work. Now about 5-10 percent of adolescents suffering from computer addiction, but it’s numbers are very relative. I can say only one thing: with the increasing penetration of gadgets in our lives -this figure will grow.

– What you need to do to prevent such crimes?

– Sometimes it happens that children cease to distinguish where is the border between virtual reality and real life begins, as in the case of the girl, and he felt the Slender man. Teenagers try on the actions of characters in video games. Here the main thing – correctly to bring up children. Explain to them: where the good from evil. The school, the family must come to grips with this. If the child will understand the meaning of different games, he will be able to separate the good from the bad myself. But to lay the Foundation of morality needs adults.

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