Was that TEXT after the murder: why was arrested, the guardian of the deceased child

Thursday, February 8, Naro-Fominsk court from the second attempt have arrested the accused in the murder of the adopted child for two months. The woman behaved less confused than a few days earlier, when was the first hearing on remand, which was postponed due to insufficient data provided, but still the process is not without tears.

photo: Leo Speransky

Natalia in the courtroom.

Natalia walked down the hall to the hall under the encouraging shouts of support. “Daughter, hold on!””We are with you!”came to court the woman’s parents, her aunt and a friend.

Before the start of the meeting, “aquarium”, which got Natalie, was surrounded by a support group. Relatives noted that she was pale, praised her braid. She was dressed in a green blouse and brown pants, the Woman was informed that the case included one lawyer known for his participation in many high profile cases Oksana mikhalkina.

Because of the resonance around a criminal case, you’re subject to arrest. Perhaps in two months – warned Natalia new protector.

Let him now at least a hundred months – not restrained, the defendant cried and then stopped, clicking to a whisper.

While she was asking the lawyer about the quarantine at the SIZO (the first days upon arrival to the detention center – primas’. Ed.), mother Natalia told his daughter: “I negotiated myself,” but the conversations were interrupted by the arrival of the judge. The judge was dressed in a gown, to announce the beginning of the meeting. He missed the process of identification of the defendant, since the previous meeting of February 5 in this regard, nothing has changed, and appealed to the investigator. Law enforcement asked to attach characteristics to accused of HDPE and the interior Ministry, the resolution on attraction it as the accused and the transcript of the interrogation of Natalia in this status (the charge was filed February 5). The investigator nastaival on the arrest of Natalia.

photo: Leo Speransky
Natalia escort on the court.

The judge then gave the floor to protect the lawyers asked to attach to the case of positive characteristics from the orphanage where Natalia and her husband were trained, and the canine society in which they belong. Hearing this, the prisoner wept bitterly, and covered his face with his hands. In addition to the characteristics of the defender submitted to the court a certificate of registration of the rights to the apartment, which confirms the presence of a woman housing. In their speeches, both attorneys asked the court to grant the petition for election measures of restraint for their client in the form of house arrest. The main argument of the defenders was that there is no forensic results, and the cause of death is not installed, so not installed and the connection between injuries on the body of the deceased child and his death. In their view murder is a very harsh and qualification of a crime is not produced correctly – there are no facts indicating the presence of Natalia intent to kill his adopted son.

When the judge turned to the Prosecutor, the employee of supervising Department asked the court to grant the petition of the investigator. Natalia was not used the right for his word. The meeting was adjourned, but after forty minutes the trial resumed. The judge listed the arguments cited by all sides and voiced some previously unknown details from the case. According to the judge, Natalia’s husband, who incidentally at that time was on interrogation in Investigatory Committee, has the status of a suspect and a possible accomplice to the couple, the nature of injuries found on the body of the deceased child has a different prescription that can speak about the systematic beatings, and Natalie when it happened, wrote to his father a TEXT that will go to the police and confesses that he killed his adopted son (at this time, the defendant looked up sharply and her eyes was obvious confusion). Emphasizing on this evidence attention, the judge announced the decision: Natalia is arrested until the 3rd of April 2018.

After the meeting, the lawyer Oksana mikhalkina told “MK” that will certainly appeal the ruling, and will indicate in the complaint that the judge made a serious mistake, giving his assessment of the evidence is not confirmed by examination.

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