Arrested in Moscow “the Polish king”, deceived investors for a second time

A suspect in a fraud, who calls himself neither more nor less Polish king Sigismund V, was detained by Moscow police. He promised to depositors bursting of the microfinance organization to help get the money back for a small fee.

As it became known “MK”, 62-year-old Sigismund (his real name is Sergei) phoned customers “RUSSINVEST” and offered assistance in the return of the Deposit. The financial institution ceased operations in 2014, the victims were more than 600 people — it’s only in the Moscow region. The bankers promised the people a return on deposits at 15% per month and 1% as a gift, so many gullible citizens were carrying the money.

Crook was represented by Advisor to the Deputy of the state Duma, said that access to all rooms. Already once defrauded investors fell for the bait a second time and gave 10 thousand roubles — such sum asked Sigismund for his work. Meeting for the transfer of money he was appointed to the garage, near the Cathedral of Christ the Savior — supposedly near his home. Now the police statement was written by three people, but the consequence believes that injured about 40.

People suspected deception rather quickly, and when they studied the biography of Sigismund and reviews online, it became clear in front of them Matera is a swindler.

Last year in the Moscow branch of the Russian military-historical society scandal broke. Sigismund they managed to get into the ranks of society, but other members of the suspected fraud. They checked the facts that a colleague pointed out in his biography. So, the man saluted the rank of Colonel, while serving in reality became a captain of the Magadan military. Sigismund wore the medal “300 years of Russian fleet”, however the certificate about results why-that was signed in 2006, President Boris Yeltsin (in 1999 Yeltsin ceased to be a head of state). The medal “Veteran of Armed Forces USSR”, he also had no right to wear, as in the Soviet army for many years not served.

Evidence of involvement in the state Duma. Advisers to the deputies can not be, and confirm the position of assistant to the Deputy has not been submitted. Sigismund just blew dust in the eyes, taking pictures with famous politicians, including Boris Gryzlov, Dmitry Rogozin, Irina Yarovaya at public events. And later he laid out on the page these pictures, and people have the feeling of the importance of his person.

Now, however, Sigismund fully recanting.

These people, wrote a statement, something is messed up. I myself suffered from this organization, burned down 2 of the contribution of 300 thousand rubles. Brown assistant Deputy does not have. Just investors quarreled and rashly went to the police, explains Zygmunt.

Anyway, a criminal case under article “Fraud”.

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