Convicted drivers who imposed a tribute of colleagues at the Belarus station

The instructor of the Moscow-Smolensk Railways have imposed their colleagues at the depot tribute. Man for various minor violations were discharged machinists “red cards”, and then extorted money from them, threatening with deprivation of the monthly premiums.

As it became known “MK”, 38-year-old resident of the capital Maxim Paramyosin after serving in the army graduated from the specialist College for the profession “locomotive engineer”, started a family. First, Maxim worked as an assistant engineer, and in July 2016 he was offered to work as an instructor at the Belarusian railway station in Moscow. His duties included the control of locomotive depot workers, and especially for safety.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Note, the railroad developed a system of rewards and punishments. There are three warning pass: green, yellow and red. The worst thing for the workers of the depot – getting the red notice. In such cases, they may not pay the premium, as well as the question of dismissal. The instructor was the person who had the right to give the slobs warning. It with increased zeal was looking for violators of labor discipline and demanded that the erring people to transfer him money – half the amount of the possible fine.

The first has got under “distribution” the winner of the red pass – the assistant driver of the train. Paramyosin with the help of instruments have calculated that a man while driving the train exceeded the speed of 10 km per hour. The erring employee was put before the fact — or the poor guy pays 5 thousand roubles, or it will be deprived of the rewards completely. Assistant engineer transferred the required amount to the Bank card of the attacker the Second the offender labor discipline, the instructor caught on that he rode for the sign “Stop locomotive” by as much as 5 meters. The money is given directly in the workplace Paramachina. But the victims got together and decided to turn in his security service men came to the conclusion that the levies will not stop by themselves. On this fact police officers brought criminal case under article “Fraud committed by a person using his official position”.

Recently, the Tagansky district court delivered its verdict. He was found guilty Maxim Paramachina and has appointed to it punishment in the form of a fine of 130 thousand rubles. Apparently it is not particularly upset man. After his miserably out of work, he found a paying job in a different field.

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