Drowning for the sake of the apartment: the pensioner was thrown off a bridge for bequests housing

Residents of Protvino near Moscow — the father of three children and a widower, according to investigators, drowned alive old lady, dropping her off a bridge into the river Protva. Men have tempted one bedroom apartment which 64-year-old woman wrote on one of the suspects in the murder.

The killer of the pensioner.

As it became known, 34-year-old Alex and 32-year-old Michael know each other from childhood. With age, their friendship only grew stronger to such an extent that they got a job at one company, located in the town of Chekhov (Mikhail in addition, in his spare time, traded in the market products). In 2004, now the wife of Alexey got acquainted with the inhabitant of the neighboring house Nadezhda Dmitrievna. The woman was completely alone, slightly abused alcohol, and officially anywhere did not work. She asked a new friend to look after her. In gratitude, Nadezhda promised to rewrite its “kopeck piece” in favor of her son.

But as time passed, the wife of Alex died, and he forgot about this story. In July of 2017 Alex and Michael during the intimate conversation he remembered about the apartment and decided to accelerate the process of transfer of property. They met a pensioner and agreed that they help the woman on the farm, and she prepares the apartment for Alex. By the time Nadezhda finally drank himself to death — her home has turned into a thoroughfare, even the lock on the door was missing. Once the documents for the apartment were in the hands of black realtors, they hatched a plan. They decided to take the hostess of housing in the village Karaulova Kaluga region, to settle in an abandoned house and drink until, until the woman will die from alcohol. In mid-December 2017, they went on the road. On the road the men were drunk woman and decided to kill her, not waiting for the natural course of events. On the bridge over the river Protva they stopped, lured a pensioner out of the salon Chinese crossover, took her by the hands and legs and dumped in the water.

The killer of the pensioner.

The alarm was raised by a neighbor of the victim. She reported the disappearance of women. Operatives a month have calculated suspects, and the police Department they wrote of surrender.

— On the given fact criminal case under article UK “Murder”. The suspects were detained. In the near future the petition of a consequence the court resolved the question on election against them remand in custody, — has told “MK” the senior assistant administrator of GSU SK of Russia across Moscow region Olga Brady.

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