Ex-Manager of stars “Enchanted” committed suicide amid sex scandal with Weinstein

In Los Angeles killed himself producer and ex-Manager of actress rose McGowan Jill Messick. Now the Hollywood star is accused of involvement in her death due to a sex scandal with Harvey Weinstein.

photo: AP

Rose McGowan.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 50-year-old Messick suffered from depression in the background, biolargo affective disorder.

Previously, she worked at Miramax brothers Harvey and Bob Vistanow and, in particular, was the Manager McGowan in 1997. It was then, according to the actress, Weinstein abused her.

After a suicide the family of the deceased harshly criticized as a producer and actress, accusing them of fostering “a new culture of unlimited disclosure of information and the willingness to accept assertions as facts”.

According to relatives, Messick Pala “collateral victim” in this story.

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