Large Muscovite rapist sentenced to 20 years

The father of a large family of Kuntsevsky court of Moscow recently sent to prison for 20 years for long-term sexual abuse of his five children. Pedophile guilty and not guilty.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

As earlier told “MK” in the end of 2016, the eldest daughter of 47-the summer jobless Muscovite Alexei Saratovskogo appealed to law enforcement agencies. The girl was looking forward to coming of age to prosecute native father-despot, who began to corrupt her from childhood. In addition to her victims the abuser became her four siblings — 4, 7, 13, 20. According to the Complainant, all of them, including even the mother lived in constant fear. The head of the family rarely when I was sober. Often dismissed fists in his household. And because binge drinking almost landed in 2011 in jail after he rushed with a knife on his younger brother (Alexei demanded money from him for a share in the apartment of the parents). However, by the beginning of the trial, relatives of the reconciled and the case resulted in the court stopped.

This story was a shock to his mother and two brothers Alex. They always spared, because he had mental problems throughout life. Guy under 16 years consisted on the account at the psychiatrist. In childhood, the child suffered severe stress, when the family suddenly gone father. Nine classes have graduated from the boy in a psychiatric clinic. Enrolled in vocational school, after which he for unknown reasons was drafted into the army. Having served military, he immediately married. Young lived in four-room apartment belonging to the parents of the couple. Officially, the man is still employed, odd jobs, although he could fix anything — from iron to car. Fond of computers. Szalachowski he called himself an inventor. His spouse between pregnancies worked in a kindergarten, and later settled in the temple as a cleaner.

Investigators believe the daughter Saratovskogo. On it criminal case under article of the criminal code “Violent acts of a sexual nature committed against persons who have not reached 14-summer age”. According to investigators, the man committed crimes between 2002 and 2016. He was taken into custody. From prison, the man sent friends of tearful letters. He said he was absolutely not guilty and misses his kids. According to the mother of Alexei, the son’s family has always been peace and quiet, none of the grandchildren she had not complained of problems with his father.

At trial, the defendant categorically denied guilt. He claimed that it was specially stipulated. “I have decided to get rid of. I threw it away. Wife sells my property, car and garage,” claimed the accused. He blamed a friend of his wife, who, as a lawyer, came up with this cunning plan. After the incident, the man was discharged from a three-bedroom flat and deprived of parental rights for three children.

In the end, the Kuntsevo district court sentenced Alexei Saratovskogo to 20 years of imprisonment with punishment serving in a colony of strict regime, have informed “MK” the press-the court Secretary Darya Galkina.

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