St. Petersburg teacher accused of sealing the mouths of Junior high students

In the Northern capital the elementary school teacher was caught in the fact that it was taped students mouth with tape. Parents of students complained to reporters, after which story interested law enforcement agencies.


The fifth channel has released a story where one of the students talks about how a teacher from school No. 474 taped the mouth of the pupil of the second grade for bad behavior.

According to some, aware of two cases, “punishment”, although the Committee on education of Saint-Petersburg confirmed only one fact. It is known that the headmaster has already caused “on the carpet”, and the teacher while out on sick leave.

Meanwhile, in connection with the incident at the school in the Central district began the Prosecutor’s office and the Investigative Committee.

It is known that the teacher worked at the school for two years, while her total teaching experience is four years.

Be the first to know about incidents: this was “breaking news” in the Telegram.

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