Who was imprisoned for the rape of Shurygino accused in new molestation

The inhabitant of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Semenov, who spent about a year on charges of rape Diana Shurygina, commented on the new accusations. Earlier, another girl claimed sexual harassment by a young man.

Sergey Semenov. A frame from the video.

We are talking about a certain Catherine Lukianchikova. She said on air of the First channel, before the story of Shurygino Semenov grabbed her arm and tried to drag into the room. According to her, the boy was always rude to girls.

In turn Semenov in an interview with YouTube channel “The People” said that generally sees Lukianchikov for the first time.

“I don’t know. Soon we are going to serve her a lawsuit. I’ve never seen,” – said Semyonov.

The story of Diana Shurygina and Sergei Semenov rocked the entire country a year ago. The girl’s parents wrote a statement to the police and accused Semenov of the rape of their daughter at the party. He and other members of the “stay” claimed that the sex they had was consensual, and she Shurygina that night came into intimate relations not only with Semenov.

As a result, the first young man was sentenced to eight years in prison, but later, in the Wake of public outcry, the sentence was reduced to three years. The result of Semenov was released from prison, having in the colony just over a year.

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