Danish area 10 and 11 February

10 FEB

The day of memory of Alexander Pushkin.

Diplomatic worker’s day.

1818 — has published the first volume of the “History of the Russian State” N. Karamzin.

1913 — in Antarctica discovered the bodies of the members of the expedition of Robert Scott to reach the South pole.

1918 — Alexander Block concluded the work on the poem “Twelve”.

1948 — was a decision of the Politburo of the CPSU(b) about the Opera “Great friendship” by V. Muradeli, condemning formalism in music.

1978 — the soundtrack to the film Saturday Night Fever (“Saturday night Fever”) takes 1st place in the hit parade of the USA.

11 FEB

World day of the sick.

Day of winter sports in Russia.

1918 SNK decree on the organization of the workers and peasants red fleet (red Navy).

1943 — Stalin signed GKO decision about the beginning of works on creation of the atomic bomb.

1948 — retired from the life of the great film Director Sergei Eisenstein.

1953 — U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower rejected the latest appeal for clemency spouses Rosenberg.

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