Discipline: Aeroflot increases the control of hand Luggage

The largest Russian airline Aeroflot to strengthen control over transportation of hand Luggage, February 15, 2018 in Sheremetyevo airport and airports throughout the route network of the company.

Before boarding, the airline personnel will check the hand Luggage of passengers for compliance with the rules on weight and dimensions, using a special measuring device.

photo: pixabay.com

As noted by General Director of consulting company “Infomost” Boris Rybak, you need to understand that the rules on hand baggage are not changed, just the management of the airline asked to perform them clearly. “In General there are no problems, the “Aeroflot” quite liberal rules of transportation of baggage and hand Luggage meet the international standards. Such a disciplining effect,” – said the expert.

Such measures will be imposed in connection with frequent complaints of passengers lack space to accommodate hand Luggage in the cabin. Size of shelves for hand Luggage designed and installed by producers of air transport. The placement of hand Luggage with a violation of accepted rules leads to the discomfort of other passengers and prevents them safely to place your belongings in the cabin. Eventually, such antics result in delays that negatively impact on airlines and passengers.

According to the Executive Director of the Agency “AviaPort” Oleg Panteleeva, often on Board have to deal with the injustice which will correct the gain control. “Often we see a situation where to comfortably place my carry-on maybe only half of registered passengers, the first to Board. A dozen people can move bags and suitcases to put my stuff. But those who are coming on Board in the last row, we have to seek the help of a crew, or independently to find the free space around the cabin. The consequence of this are conflicts between passengers and flight delays,” said the source. The baggage allowance of the airline remain the same, increasing only the control over the implementation of the rules

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