Great post: the number of observant Orthodox decreasing from year to year

The number of practicing believers is reduced. Modern society perceives religious ceremonies more as exotic than the guide for life. This is evidenced by opinion polls. On Monday next will begin the much-loved Carnival. The staff of the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) has found that almost 90 percent of Russians are prepared to eat pancakes. But only every tenth Russian will continue to observe lent, which begins immediately after the feast – February 18.

photo: Elizabeth Clasina

– To visit, to host family and friends expect 70% of inhabitants of Russia. Observe lent (partially or completely) beginning at the end of Maslenitsa, expect 11% of Russians”, – explained in the organization.

However, according to sociologists, participate in folk festivals plans less than half of respondents (46%), burn effigy of Maslenitsa – 39%. While the Russians remember about religious holidays before lent: 83% of respondents is going to apologize to loved ones in forgiveness Sunday.

According to political analyst Alexei Makarkin, in these results of the Polls is not surprising. For practicing believers is quite small, the people they shall manifestation of individualism.

– There is a saying: “Not all cat Shrovetide” … will come and Great post. We can say that in our society a Paradise for these cats. Because we eat pancakes all year round. Mardi Gras is just an excuse to eat more and more to invite friends to visit. Again, national and culinary flavor. In fact, the lost tradition of strict Orthodoxy, taken in Tsarist Russia. Then there were the rules, it should be noted, too, not all complied. If we read books of the famous writer-emigrant Ivan Khmeleva, who described many of the customs, you might think that the posts kept all. However, it is not so. Even then, the society tried to become more secular and less religious, despite criticism from the Church. In the future, the tradition was destroyed. Now, when it began to recover, the public is right and this is not usual. Strict observance of religious rules — it is exotic. Because these rules are easy to adhere only in a community where everyone knows each other and together visited the temple. But when society becomes more individualized, where each person chooses what to do. Man may declare that he is Orthodox, but when asked when he was in the Church last time? He can’t answer. In the end, Russian Orthodoxy is not merely a religion, it is national identity. If to speak about practicing believers, they are in the modern world quite a bit. Although people are trying to observe fasting, but given to them is hard.

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