Polite from CAS: why the Russian Olympians should not have to hope for tolerance

Early on the morning of February 9, approximately 8 hours before the opening ceremony of the XXIII winter Olympic games in “the case of the Russian athletes,” it was clear. Court of arbitration for sport (CAS) to its field office in Pyeongchang decided: claims 45 Russian athletes and 2 coaches to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) not to meet! Team athletes from Russia will remain unchanged: 168 people in 15 sports.

But was it possible to hope for a fair, considered by many to be the outcome? I think not.

When Thursday a popular resource Inside the Games has published a “leak” that part of the claims will be satisfied, there immediately arose a disagreement. First, “inside Games” is often used as a weather service: the probability of guessing is 50%, the snow either goes or not. Secondly, although all the claims were individual (this is mandatory), to expedite the process, they were sent two packages.

What did it mean? The fact that the case 32 of the victims Commission Fourneyron and 15 previously got on the conveyor of the Commission Oswald was identical. What if the entire list only to allow Anton Shipulin, Viktor and Ana? Then the question is: what is the skater Ekaterina Shikhova worse biathlete Shipulin? The fact that she’s not Olympic champion? Or the fact that in the alphabetical list, if in Russian, her name is below? The fact of the matter is that the courts no difference between them, so that the individual Amnesty is unacceptable.

The Russian Olympic Committee and Federation of sports wanted to keep the quotas for the strongest if they still allow it. But no wonder the IOC said on January 28 as the “day x”, when will be finally formed a list of our athletes! The quota ceded to competitors. And it’s not even in the capacity of the Olympic village: it is always built from stock, and free grub too, would be enough for everyone. Just in most sports there is no qualifying or preliminary competitions.

In biathlon, skiing, skating all be solved one day. So allowed the Russians would be a headache — no, not for the IOC, and the organizing Committee, that is the Korean side, as well as the judiciary, representatives of international federations and so on.

The IOC would be shaking from the fact of admission. And so after CAS rehabilitated from 28 athletes, McLaren and the company was accused of irresponsibly spent millions of dollars for investigation. What would have started here! And now a Solomonic solution. On the one hand, CAS now no one would dare to call a puppet in the hands of the IOC and WADA after the above verdict, with the other a circuit court is not flooded “against the father”. The mosquito nose will not undermine: in fact confirmed the exclusive rights of the IOC in relation to the invitation of athletes from Russia on the Olympic games-2018.

It’s like a face-control on the threshold of a night club: “you do Not like me!» — «How?””Yes, I don’t like and all. Our establishment, who want to let”. Remember when it was announced that this discriminatory model: 5 December, the IOC Executive Board, when it suspended the membership of the ROC in the global Olympic family. Our truce caught the bird, at that moment, did not think of the crane. Lausanne wisely laid up this move at the beginning of 2018.

Cases are still being considered by the civil court. But they will not affect admission uninvited to the Games in Korea. It is possible even that these athletes will be able to sue for moral damages, the monopolization of the sport and discrimination on the basis of citizenship.

Theoretically, any of the fans can sue as a victim of the evils of the IOC, if it proves a pile of medical certificates that the Olympic decision has caused harm to the health. Although there is a danger that the costs will be much greater than the amount of compensation.

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