Reverse of globalization

Build, to build a world order on you…

How much money, saliva and gunpowder was exhausted! And all in vain.

Like everything was like that in Russia resources in China is an ore processing plant in America, and partly in Europe — accounting. In one place the mud in the other — smoke and, where necessary, clean the air and fragrance. And all this globalization went in reverse with like someone threw up.

photo: Ivan Skryplev

It’s as if descending from the mountains, the avalanche swept on its way all small creatures, helplessly clinging to branches, twigs and thorns, turned back up.

In short, in 2018 China imposed a ban on the importation of 24 types of waste, including electronic waste, waste paper and recyclable hard plastic, polyethylene, ash, wool and cotton waste, waste paper, waste steel products and other “Yang-lagi”, meaning “foreign garbage”.

In General, the Chinese invented not only gunpowder, with which for decades successfully carried out the globalization, but also “operation Green fence”, according to which the Americans and the Europeans have in terms of environmental collapse the division of labor and profits and to shred the debris itself.

But how convenient it was to Chinese goods, to return the waste back, and then again to obtain their merchandise. At the same time it was possible to carry in the Chinese mass Western culture, because the people of China were selected in landfills surviving CDs and cassettes of rock, rap and metal, was the hope that they will forget all their Guzzini, anzini and lucini and begin to listen to the songs of globalization.

But China got rich, including the processing of European waste, since China has sent more than half of the world’s garbage. And now I can afford to take care of the purity of the air breathed by its citizens.

Only UK 2012, sent to China, about 2.7 million tons of waste, and half of this amount now not meet the new requirements. Of the total 7.3 million tons of plastic waste exported to China in 2016, 1.6 million tons are EU countries.

But in America and in Europe reporting this all took place as “recycled waste”. Oh, spoiled their Chinese comrades statistics. In the same America, and in Europe there are practically no facilities for the processing of hazardous waste. Or have to build them, or look for a new world the trash, which is already partly began to carry the water of the seas and oceans, where the enlightened Nations dump products non-food chains.

But what about our country? She, like the blue whale, just starts sinking in the garbage, making no movements neither in one nor in the other direction. And if the law on waste handling in the beginning we are talking about reducing waste, then about their disposal, the law, as they say, we can not decree.

We’re in the year of the environment (well, of course, not all of us, but only those who are supposed to) poked his nose in and decided to build incinerators. The biggest — at Moscow, four and Kazan, since these cities most of the garbage they produce. To build decided, but no one is building, and people do not give, protest satisfied.

The only thing that was done in addition to paper scribbling in recent years is that several closed landfills, of which smell is the Old square and the White house reached.

It is significant that the following year was declared the year of the volunteer. Finally, the law on volunteering, which for the Olympic games in Sochi was developed. Probably, the volunteers will all year garbage in forests and on roadsides to collect, which are taken now, anywhere.

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● Afraid of its own shadow and afraid of another world.

● Love triangle only fits in a vicious circle.

● Empty-headed haunt brainy, who took care of it on his head.

● Involvement in the lies one soften his claims to the other involved in this lie.

● Insomnia sleep we can only dream.

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