The first scandal of the Olympics: the American was carried to the podium of the Russian flag

A sad sight it was – the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic games in Pyeongchang, when the bloodless Russian delegation – or rather, “the delegation of Olympic athletes from Russia” – took to the stands in a gray, unmarked. Russians support as they could. Before the start of the Games, South Korean politicians have promised that they will take the athletes could not be better and will fully support. The fans do not miss. Well, that is banned flags. All is not searched, they decided, and now even a citizen of a “hostile” US dragged to the rostrum red-white-blue tricolor.


The start of the Olympics was marked by a mini-scandal. An American resident of Oakland Philip Ajuda quietly snuck into the stadium Russian flag with an eagle and the inscription “Russia”. Immediately in front of the cameras, he him and turned.

“I want to support Russia because she was not allowed to send to the Olympics many strong athletes,” said Wakuda RT.

He noted that the act wanted to first Express my disagreement with the non-admission to the Games, Victor an and Anton Shipulin, which hurts.

“I think they were supposed to be here,” said fan. According to him, he realizes how offensive that is: four years to prepare for the main world sports event, and at the last moment to be recognized as “unclean” and charged with sports crimes.

American fans came to the opening ceremony of the Olympics with the flag of Russia

— RT in Russian (@RT_russian) 9 Feb 2018

As the “R-Sport”, such as Bahuda, in Pyeongchang a lot. “They sing songs in Russian, in training cut hits Buzova, volunteers greeted Russian athletes from other countries are chanting: “Russia!”No, the IOC does not forbid to do it,” – says the publication.

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