American attacked the bear to save his dog

The Labrador suddenly attacked by a bear, and the owner decided to protect your pet.


According to the man, he was shocked, but attacked a wild beast, dealing blows as long as the bear did not stop biting the dog. Grey admits that it does not expect to meet in the forest a wild animal, because at this time of year bears are typically dormant. The man says that the bear knocked him to the ground, after he stuck his finger in the eye of the animal. After the “attack” man beast suddenly fled. Surprisingly, gray was able to get exclusively with scrapes and bruises. The American immediately took your pet to the veterinarian, who testified that the wounds to the Labrador struck a “large animal”.

Recall that in the United States have been such cases when bears attacked strolling dogs of people. So, in January of this year, Florida resident suffered from paws of a wild beast and got a deep scar on the face. He was walking the dog around the house when he suddenly saw before him the three bears, one of which attacked the man. And in 2015 55-year-old resident of new York, to save his pet, he fought off a bear with a stick, receiving minor injuries.

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