An-148 crashed eight years ago, were going too fast.

Accident of An-148 in the Moscow region became the second death of this type of aircraft. The first similar tragedy, but with fewer victims, occurred on March 5, 2011 in the Belgorod region.

A frame from the video.

In the first case, the plane crashed into a garden house in the village Garbuzovo. On Board were six people, including two pilots from Myanmar. The presence of foreign pilots became, as experts considered, a hindrance to the normal control of the aircraft. One of the pilots allegedly got into a conversation with a colleague and not able to bring the car from the peak.

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The wreckage of the An-148 swept a kilometer: footage from the scene of the crash

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Characteristically, the accident occurred on a similar scenario. The plane crashed in 140 km from Voronezh shortly after takeoff. The pilot increased speed dramatically (the increase amounted to 110 kilometers per hour), and then the plane fired up the engines. It was assumed that speed was exceeded due to incorrect readings.

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The crash of An-148 aircraft, flying from Moscow to Orsk. Chronicle of events

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