“Hat of the mushroom”: eyewitnesses said the explosion in the crash of An-148

In social networks spread information that the crash of a passenger An-148 in the Moscow region there was an explosion. This is indicated by the eyewitnesses, evidences of which leads Telegram-channel LifeShot.

Photo: EMERCOM of Russia.

“Turbine-like during takeoff, then silence. And Bang, the glass started shaking,” – said one of them. Nearby people rushed to the crash site and saw the bodies of the victims of the crash.

Another witness also says that at first responded to an unusual rumble. Jumped into the street, he noticed a large mushroom cloud explosion, which is described as “a nuclear explosion in miniature.” He saw flying debris.

Telegram-channel Mash claims that, according to preliminary data, the cause of the crash was the failure and subsequent explosion of one of engines. Officially it is not confirmed: official representative SK the Russian Federation Svetlana Petrenko said that the investigation will consider all possible versions, reports RIA Novosti.

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“Eyewitnesses of wreck of An-148 was told about the crash: “In the sky, something slammed”»


The plane An-148 of “Saratov airlines” took off from Moscow airport “Domodedovo” and seven minutes later disappeared from radar. On Board were 65 passengers and six crew members. No one survived.

As previously wrote “MK” became known that the aircraft was operated with violations. The details on the topic in our webcast.

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“There was video from the crash site of An-148 “Saratov airlines” in Moscow»

The crash of An-148 aircraft, flying from Moscow to Orsk. Chronicle of events

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