“Here it is necessary to stick”: the co-pilot of the An-148 was a hereditary pilot

Killed the co-pilot of the An-148 Sergey Gambaryan in aviation, following in the footsteps of his father — the one before retirement was sitting at the controls of the aircraft.

Sergey Ghambaryan. Photo: social networks.

With Sergei we flew flight attendants “Aeroflot”, – said the “MK» a friend of the deceased Vladimir Liskevich. – We quit together – I moved to another airline, are now engaged in service on Board, and Sergei decided to go to learn to be a pilot.

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In St. Petersburg man graduated from the University of civil aviation. Worked for an airline based in Irkutsk, and then transferred to “Saratov airlines” and closer to home to see family.

– Because he is from Moscow, here there live his parents and spouse. Dad Sergei — the commander of the ship, safely ended his flying career, now retired.

– Sergey, you did not complain about difficult working conditions, for processing?

We with him before the New year was just on the phone. Actually he didn’t really like to discuss professional topics. The only said that we should not think that the pilots – it’s such a romantic profession. “There is need to work” – always repeating.

Of the last flight of Sergey did not wait for the parents, spouse, teenage son from his first marriage.

– Sergey, the whole family is tied up with the clouds, says the girlfriend of Yanina Shishkin. The father had a well-deserved the pilot, a lifetime in aviation, sister worked as a flight attendant. He had the honour to continue the aviation dynasty. Sergei had just returned from a dream holiday was so happy. And shared plans for the future. I can’t believe they cut this tragic flight.

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