“I flew, and my mother”: the history of the victims of the An-148

Accident of An-148, crashed in the suburbs immediately after departure from the airport “Domodedovo” on Sunday afternoon, has affected the inhabitants of many cities of Russia. Despite the fact that the plane was heading in a relatively small Orsk, the dead passengers (65 persons) had relatives in Moscow and in St. Petersburg and in other regions of the country. “MK” has collected the stories of victims of the tragedy.

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Deceased V. Sevoyan (she was 47 years old) back to his native Orsk from St. Petersburg. A woman within a month visited the 24-year-old son Aram in Krasnodar ( he is a Manager), and then with his son flew to visit in Saint-Petersburg 22-year-old daughter.

We flew almost at the same time. First, it is in Orsk, and my flight to Krasnodar was a bit later. I flew, but she’s not. Dad was supposed to meet her in Orsk. But about the tragedy, we learned not from him but from the news, – said Aram.

Victor Semenov suddenly lost grandparents. 68-year-old Viktor Anokhin and his 67-year-old wife Zoe came to visit her grandson, who works in Moscow.

– The aircraft of the company – the lame – the only thing that was able to utter Victor.

Husband crashed 55-year-old Antonina of Catupiry with his son immediately jumped into the car, barely know about the trouble.

– We are from Orsk, go to Moscow region, will arrive tomorrow. Antonina Ivanovna first visited daughter in Pskov, and then moved to Moscow, to another daughter. And had returned home on that plane. She helped with grandchildren, we have four, says her husband Vasily Nikolaevich, military retiree.In Orsk Antonina Ivanovna-head of the Department of the Federal Treasury.

Dead 22-year-old Ekaterina Boykova and 47-year-old Vladimir Usachev were members of the machine-building plant “Arsenal” in St. Petersburg. In Orsk they flew on a business trip. Now colleagues are trying to contact their families.

43-year-old Yuri Yamaev flying to Orsk on a business trip. The man worked in a large insurance company.

Yuri was head of the Department of training and development in our company, and organized trainings for partners in the regions, told colleagues. – On business trips Yura flew often, his work is loved. At home he was always waiting for the wife and an adult daughter. They are now free Jurassic will be very difficult.

The same Board the trip was flying three employees of a well known service taxi Crescentia Alekseenko, Catherine Nasyrova, Olga Khokhlova. Girl worked as a call center, Orsk was to conduct training of the branch staff.

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The crash of An-148 aircraft, flying from Moscow to Orsk. Chronicle of events

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